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We're back and we're wrapping up our discussion about investigative games, this time focusing on tips and tricks for GMs. Once again, we are joined by Call of Cthulhu line editor, +mike mason.

Not only is there more singing in this episode, but if you wait around until after the end credits, we offer a dramatic reading of some of the strangest text we've ever encountered. Still, it's more readable than Dan Brown.

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We discuss My Life with Master on the latest episode. A classic 2003 indie game changer if ever there was one.
We're back and we're snivelling, grovelling and cowering for all we're worth. Admittedly, as minions of a cruel and vicious Master, we're not worth all that much.

This episode is our look at the 2003 indie horror/black comedy RPG, My Life with Master. Even if you've never heard of MLwM (as the cool kids call it), you've probably seen its influence in modern game design. It's a light, tight, focused game that delivers skin-crawling thrills and catharsis in ways few other games can match.

We talk about the game itself, our recent experiences of playing it and some of the strange uses we've seen it put to.

We also sing. Twice. 

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We're back and we're talking about horror films again. Specifically, we're discussing 2008's, Pontypool, possibly the strangest film ever to rub shoulders with the zombie sub-genre. This is a weird, claustrophobic film, more concerned with linguistics and viral memes than brain-munching.

This topic was one of the suggestions to come out of our last video chat with Patreon backers of the podcast. It's not a film that had occurred to us (Matt and Paul hadn't even seen it), but it gave us plenty to talk about! There is some great gaming inspiration to be found here.

As usual, we discuss the film beginning to end, so you may want to watch it first if you're averse to spoilers.

Oh, and speaking of warnings, there is singing in this episode. Actually, what we do this time is even less like song than usual. We know our limitations!

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We squeeze the Cthulhu Mythos and taste what drips out... is it tainted with science fiction? 
We're back and we're having another one of those spirited debates we seem to keep getting into. This time it's about whether the Lovecraft's stories (and, by extension, Call of Cthulhu) is really science fiction. Needless to say, we don't all agree.

To help us come to a conclusion, we look at the way Lovecraft used various SF tropes, including aliens, space travel, other dimensions, time travel and weird science. We also discuss the various SF settings in Lovecraftian gaming.

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We're back and we've made our way to the middle of our discussion of beginnings, middles and ends in roleplaying games. This is, logically enough, the follow-up to last episode's look at beginnings.

This time round we look at pacing, atmosphere and all the other bits of running games that don't happen at the beginning or end. As with many ageing gamers, it seems like the middle is the largest part.

Watching Have I Got News For You - Paul Merton talked about Roy Sullivan, a park ranger, struck by lightening 7 times, the last time while fishing. As if that were not enough, he staggers back to his car, his hair on fire, and guess what? He is attacked by a bear!


From Wikipedia: On Saturday morning, June 25, 1977, Sullivan was struck while fishing in a freshwater pool. The lightning hit the top of his head, set his hair on fire, traveled down, and burnt his chest and stomach. Sullivan turned to his car when something unexpected occurred — a bear approached the pond and tried to steal trout from his fishing line. Sullivan had the strength and courage to strike the bear with a tree branch. He claimed that this was the twenty-second time he hit a bear with a stick in his lifetime.

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Beginning an RPG session, there's a lot to it, as we discover, in episode 91...
We're back; in fact, we're so far back that we're reached the beginning. This episode about the different techniques we use to prepare for and start off one-shots and campaigns. We will follow it up in the next two episodes with discussions about middles and ends, appropriately enough.

These episodes were inspired by a recent chat with some of our wonderful Patreon backers. We asked for topic suggestions and amongst those we received were the three-act structure, pacing and how to build atmosphere. These three episodes are our attempt to address those ideas and a few others.

Oh yes. There is more singing in this episode. One more generous soul has backed us on Patreon at the $5 level. We have such sounds to show you.

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