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As software developers, we have a duty to society and to the end users of our work that may trump what the boss asks us to do.

Steve McConnell highlighted this in his book "Professional Software Development", particularly in this chapter: .

He mentions the Iron Ring ( worn by Canadian engineers to remind them of this.

Two reports I've seen recently brought this to mind for me. First, a VW executive claims the software to cheat emissions tests was the work of a few rogue engineers ( Maybe he's right. Or maybe the execs told engineers to do this, then threw them under a bus once the execs got caught. Which do you think is more likely?

And the coders who helped Bernie Madoff implement his Ponzi scheme have been jailed (

So we have moral and ethical obligations, and we might be called on our failure to meet them.

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Headline says "perfect password", but the real news is that @xkcd gets a mention in the @washingtonpost and @theage …

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Wyatt Roy, the new Assistant Minister for Innovation, is hosting an innovation policy hackathon on Saturday 17 Oct in Sydney - see Ideas for discussion are being gathered at .

Have a look and vote for ideas you think will be effective.@OSIA(Open Source Industry Australia) are submitting a couple of ideas and we hope to be invited to the day. Please search for "OSIA" and consider supporting our proposals.

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Genius from First Dog On the Moon

"What do we do when we are faced with numbers?" "We close our eyes and sing the backbencher song". Gives a whole new meaning to climate change denialists.

"When the flame of truth hits the ship of state

And the tides of time are turning,

They tend to bucket the captain

When the ship is what is burning."

Cartoonist Bruce Petty, 1972

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