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Cancer Diary

This is going to be probably the last time I do this. What is to remain of my diary will not be shared on the Internet I think.

I am seriously ill now and it's with a heavy heart I will be slowly removing my g+ account over the coming days.

Good luck people, fear not the passing of a daft old git like meI and instead rejoice in the life, love and family you have. I will be.

Good bye and if there is Internet on the other side of my last journey then I will come back and haunt the lot of you :-P

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+Paul Foster now that is what we played at my mom-in-law's funeral. After a more than a decade long and brave fight over numerous forms of cancer she passed away 9.9 years ago. I am shocked but not completely surprised by your 'news'. I wish you will be able enjoy the nice things in life before your final ride. Will mis you and #ninjapuppy. You will be remembered.
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Paul Foster

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This is just wonderful, not just the fact they are playing one of my all time fave pieces, but just how much the crowd builds and even the kids just love the performance - great stuff.

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I wonder what the reaction will be if Justin Weener and Lady Gag does the same.
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To everyone who has wondered what has happened to my stream recently, or the absence of it more precisely.

It's not been time, not overloaded with work, although home has been busy. In fact, I have been quiet simply because I have been so tired. After the last set of pictures from the hill walking I just managed to overdo it. Gardening was probably the final straw, I managed to pull all the muscles in the side of my chest and back and then my back went in sympathy.

End result? I'm bloody exhausted and I just don't have the energy to do much. Oh I've lost a bunch of weight too, not been paying attention to eating enough to actually do all this exercise.

Dumb ass.

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Thank you +Raven Smith :-) 
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Just after sunrise

There was #thatblue  everywhere this morning, although the clouds have built up now, it was a glorious sunrise.

I may be feeling the effects of fatigue again (due in to part to those hill walks with #ninjapuppy  and the kids) but it was worth it.  Gonna be told off at my checkup today though, definitely been over doing it recently.  Bumholes to it!, thats what I say, gotta get out and enjoy the sunshine even if it means a nap and taking the old supplements again to keep my weight up.

Tired but worth it.

#motog   #sunrise   #mobilography  
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Oh aye, I'm fine, just feeling a tad foolish for having overdone things to the point where I need to rest add much as this :-) 
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Paul Foster

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Heres an interesting one......

I am upgrading some unit testing from XE2 to XE5.  Most things are working and apart from a couple of hiccups generally with code changes not being tested (my fault, its my code after all) I've not found anything to concern me.

However - I have changed the code being tested from using Containers.TObjectList to Generics.Collections.TObjectList.  Code wise its a minor thing and operationally the component appears to work as before.

BUT there appears to be an odd case of memory addresses being reused now.  I am getting a test failing because I am creating a list of objects, then testing the clear and reset code.  The code clears the objectlist, the contained object destructors are fired and then the component resets to a blank state.  This involves resetting a bunch of stuff to default values and creating and storing a new instance of one of the contained objects.

NOW (keep up here) I am testing for the address of the newly contained object changing, I did this to make sure that the clear down and reset code worked correctly.  I've never really checked to closely, but now its running in XE5 the new object has the same address as the old - in fact its the same as the last of the previously contained objects (there were several).  Debugging the process I can see the constructor getting fired, memory being initialised so I'm not concerned that anything is wrong, but it struck me as odd that the tests never showed this before.  TBH the test itself can complete by checking that the default values are set and memory cleared, so I will go and do that, but I wondered if this is expected?
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+François Piette yeeees, but I don't want to add something like that just for the testing, besides its possible that could degrade performance in a multi threaded scenario. If it was required for the actual use of the object, fine, but not otherwise 
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Paul Foster

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Cancer Diary

Yup, after a year I am back here once again. After a protracted illness these last few weeks they have found it in my back.

No real news yet, still early days yet. But there is treatment there and once again I find my admiring the lovely, lovely people of the NHS.

I think the word I am looking for is "bugger" 
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Mz Maau
Wishing you all the luck and strength to fight it off, Paul.
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Paul Foster

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What is not to love about this?  Billy Connolly is one of those comedians that can reduce me to tears, which he does fairly regularly.

One for all those people out there having a tough time, sit back and enjoy the comedy - you know who you are :-)
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I do enjoy listening to Billy :-) 
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#ninjapuppy wants me to get up

I may be feeling tired again, but something about this made me smile. Daft pup, going for a haircut next week he is. I will share the results :-D

#mobilography #motog #sooc 
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G'day daft #NinjaPuppy  - hullo Mr Paul.
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Todays Dog Walk

That #ninjapuppy  had to go to the v.e.t. to pick up his worming tablet (an important thing, given how much of a damned hoover he is) and on the way back I decided to get his daily walk done whilst the sun was out and the skies #thatblue  

We didn't climb that hill, I nearly went for it but am still mindful of pushing myself too far but perhaps in a couple more months as my fitness slowly returns.

#motog   #mobilography  
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God damn it, I know it makes code easier to type, but its hard to read and maintain.  Get rid of the bloody thing completely!

Of course, I'm even more cross because this is some of my very own code I am complaining about, I really don't know why I used a with, the block was only half a dozen lines and just confused matters.

Whilst upgrading the code to remove the Containers unit (its not supported on NextGen platforms, so I have to make things work with Generics.Collections instead, bye bye D7 support for this code) and refactor a couple stupidities in my original design (they always creep in, don't they) I ended up with two class members of the same name.  The with block then looked OK but I was in fact not access the member I thought I was.  

I wasted a morning stepping and debugging a stupid error that would have been obvious had I avoided the WITH block.  In fact the error would never have happened if I hadn't used it in the first place.

Now why the heck won't my XE2 written unit tests compile in XE5? GRRRRRRRR!
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On my code, I tend to use With in a safe way, i.e.:

procedure CreateForm( AClass : TMyFormClass );
  With AClass.Create( Application ) Do

Other than that, I cringe any time I encounter a With :D

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