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Paul Foster
Father, husband & software developer
Father, husband & software developer

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This made me chuckle......

OK. So how do I now clear the notifications I can't be bothered to open?

Oh, it's all changed. I think I like.....

public announcement

To those of you still adding me, welcome. Please be aware that due to very serious illness I will not be posting much now.

Feel free to browse my older posts there and enjoy them.


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No matter what life throws at you, no matter how deep in despair you find yourself, the simple act of your loved one holding your hand will make you feel better. Never forget that when you have a chance to hold your loved ones hand and do it often.

For my shining angel that is my wife.

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Cancer Diary

This is going to be probably the last time I do this. What is to remain of my diary will not be shared on the Internet I think.

I am seriously ill now and it's with a heavy heart I will be slowly removing my g+ account over the coming days.

Good luck people, fear not the passing of a daft old git like meI and instead rejoice in the life, love and family you have. I will be.

Good bye and if there is Internet on the other side of my last journey then I will come back and haunt the lot of you :-P
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Cancer Diary

Yup, after a year I am back here once again. After a protracted illness these last few weeks they have found it in my back.

No real news yet, still early days yet. But there is treatment there and once again I find my admiring the lovely, lovely people of the NHS.

I think the word I am looking for is "bugger"

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What is not to love about this?  Billy Connolly is one of those comedians that can reduce me to tears, which he does fairly regularly.

One for all those people out there having a tough time, sit back and enjoy the comedy - you know who you are :-)

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This is just wonderful, not just the fact they are playing one of my all time fave pieces, but just how much the crowd builds and even the kids just love the performance - great stuff.


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#ninjapuppy wants me to get up

I may be feeling tired again, but something about this made me smile. Daft pup, going for a haircut next week he is. I will share the results :-D

#mobilography #motog #sooc
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