Google Play Music Podcast Portal and 64kbps Mono

I’ve heard Google will be re-encoding feed enclosed audio files slated for distribution on their announced Podcast platform. 

As I’ve stated IMHO (and feel free to disagree) 64kbps mono for Podcasts, especially those containing well produced music assets - exhibit low fidelity with noticeable artifacts. Incorrectly applied DSP and noise reduction will further degrade audio quality, especially for repurposed low bitrate (lossy) audio files.

My question is - how well do you think your 64kbps mono audio files are going to hold up after an additional pass of lossy coding?

Google’s portal has the potential to be responsible for the distribution of thousands upon thousands of Podcasts with poor audio quality, all due to the antiquated 64kbps mono audio file recommendation in the Podcasting space.

High resolution video formats naturally replaced low-res. 4x3 video. I don’t see any reason why things should be different for Podcast audio. Considering the potential reach of the platform, will you be persuaded to reconsider your lossy encoding habits?

As far as I’m concerned all Podcasts should be 128kbps, stereo.


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