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Dear world, I'm not ignoring you on G+ because I don't love you. I just haven't added you to a circle because I'm carefully classifying you and how valuable you'd be in the case of a zombie apocalypse. This takes time, and the G+ circles interface doesn't make it easier.
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Good to know. As you work on that, do keep in mind that I have military training and experience.
I approve, Sir. You can never be too careful when it comes to these important matters.
I would be fairly useless in a zombie apocalypse since if one came I would take the easy way out and return to my home planet.

Timo L
I look around my office here and I'm pretty sure it's arrived.
I hope I'm in an awesome circle!!
Do I have to send photos of my chainsaws or are we working on an honour system?
Oh, yes...awesome circle for me as well, please!
and how many other girls do you know with no less than two angle grinders, four drills, a compound mitre saw (and i know how to use it) and has access to a VERY powerful air compressor and many different staple guns?? Really? I'm your man! Well... you know...
Umm, Where do I go? I remember you told a conference or something that I am capable of engineering the zombie apocalypse. I guess my circle might be a bit small.
Hmm, does maille, a dane-axe and a large collection of swords influence ones zombie apocalypse categorization?
Someone has to hold them back for you to get a good shot :)
+Jon Cruz: Circle: Squad leader.

+Trindy Oakley: You're stalking my friends as well now? I guess that's par for the course. We should catch up when I'm back in Melbourne. Circle: Intelligence.

+Kelly Daly: I don't even know what a compound mitre saw is, let alone how to use one. Circle: Engineering

+Luke Welling, +Joshua Button: Circle: Tank.

+Melissa McKnight: You're in a very special circle, along with +Alyssa Rosenbloom and +Vivien Lowe. Between synthetic life, mitochondrial modifictions, and immune system hacking, I think we have great potential. Circle: Research, Project ████████.
Feeling kind of left out; I'm just a sysadmin with access to an underground bunker.
I have a hatchet and a secluded bunker with a nearly endless source of fresh water. For real. When the zombie apocalypse comes, I will be the new Queen of Living Humans.
...we even have a functional greenhouse now with fruit trees. Take that, end of the world!
My roommates and I kick @$$ on Call of the Dead. Our zombie survival alliance includes several ex-military and serious technicians in addition to the usual gamers. We have a supply point in town to get us to the farm in the wilderness. We will outlive the dead!
Good Sir. Let me introduce myself as a purveyor of high voltage equipment both powerful, exquisite and durable in construction as to be invaluable in unfortunate encounters with the walking dead. We also share a taste for fine top hats and am most envious of your crevat. You are truly a gentleman of taste and distinction.
(Don't give a fuck about the Perl though)
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