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Champion of awesome.
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(Sigh) One day... 

#Airstream   #AirstreamDreams  

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Spot-on take from my friend and coach Karianne Anthes. You should be able to rattle off, without hesitation, what truly counts for you to be you (and/or what pillars are most important in your life).

"...each of us should have a handful of 'non-negotiables'. Things that are simply embedded in the fiber of who we are. Rattling off that list should not take much thought. If #CrossFit or #yoga etc is on that list and you have 'quit' it, perhaps it's something to revisit and get back to. #Nutrition is no different"

#GuerrillaFitness #Guerrilla60 #G60  

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For all my #Denver  friends - MUST VISIT.
Go there. Eat there. Drink there
Be there before everyone and their grandmother gets in on the action. Two killer brains with killer culinary skills creating a killer experience.
+Rebel Restaurant FTW.

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"I'll take care of it."
It's not easy, but it's worth a lot.
Spot-on take from #SethGodin . 

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Couldn't be more honored or prouder to be part of such an incredible group of people. The stories we are living from the inside-out are truly inspiring and incredible.


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Love what Karianne Anthes has to share about this. Spot on sister..

"Fitness is certainly a massive part of that, but nutrition is the foundation. Weight and food is something that can cripple people and dictate how they feel about themselves, what they are able to experience in life and what decisions they make."

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Love how they sourced the design. Brilliant, and I'm a fan of how it looks too.

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Leave Wall Street, follow your dream, impact hundreds if not thousands of lives positively in the process.
Love it.

#GuerrillaFitness #CrossFit #Montclair  
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