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Count to four hundred and three.
  Forever just a memory just a memory just a memory, my friend. She's not ordinary. *She's just like me*. Woke up (I woke up again) this morning with the blank mirror facing me.  Notice read: Blank mirror for blank expressionless customers only.  No lipstick. No trace of fogged up finger-painting. She and I are one and the same. Did anyone catch what time it was when it started? My nostrils still carry whispers and memories.  Whispe...

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Spot-on take from my friend and coach Karianne Anthes. You should be able to rattle off, without hesitation, what truly counts for you to be you (and/or what pillars are most important in your life).

"...each of us should have a handful of 'non-negotiables'. Things that are simply embedded in the fiber of who we are. Rattling off that list should not take much thought. If #CrossFit or #yoga etc is on that list and you have 'quit' it, perhaps it's something to revisit and get back to. #Nutrition is no different"

#GuerrillaFitness #Guerrilla60 #G60  

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Couldn't be more honored or prouder to be part of such an incredible group of people. The stories we are living from the inside-out are truly inspiring and incredible.


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Love how they sourced the design. Brilliant, and I'm a fan of how it looks too.
Swedish real estate website Hemnet collected data from people searching for homes and built the world's most statistically desirable, big data house.

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Leave Wall Street, follow your dream, impact hundreds if not thousands of lives positively in the process.
Love it.

#GuerrillaFitness #CrossFit #Montclair  
One man left a Wall Street job to pursue a 'workout' passion.

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Nutrition Academy Reverses Past Recommendations on Saturated Fat, Cholesterol, Sodium, Sugar #LCHF

...yet another crack in the wall of nonsense we were taught to believe is "healthy" for decades now.

#Nutrition #EatingRight #EatingHealthy
05/13/2015 - The Academy commends the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee for drafting a strong, evidence-based Scientific Report outlining recommendations and rationale for the 2015 Dietary Guidelines.

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(Sigh) One day... 

#Airstream   #AirstreamDreams  
Dale's advice for a young new Airstream owners is as poetic as it is profound.

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For all my #Denver  friends - MUST VISIT.
Go there. Eat there. Drink there
Be there before everyone and their grandmother gets in on the action. Two killer brains with killer culinary skills creating a killer experience.
+Rebel Restaurant FTW.
It all started with a Kickstarter campaign for New Jersey transplants and chefs Bo Porytko and Dan Lasiy, who originally envisioned opening a restaurant inside Denver's Black Shirt Brewing. Though the deal with Black Shirt didn't pan out, the two chefs nonetheless raised $25,000. That ...

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"I'll take care of it."
It's not easy, but it's worth a lot.
Spot-on take from #SethGodin . 
There are endless opportunities for people and organizations that can reliably and fairly take a problem off our hands. "I'll take care of it," and I'll do it well, at least as well as you can, for a price that...

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Love what Karianne Anthes has to share about this. Spot on sister..

"Fitness is certainly a massive part of that, but nutrition is the foundation. Weight and food is something that can cripple people and dictate how they feel about themselves, what they are able to experience in life and what decisions they make."

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A conversation with the designer behind the site the Message Is Medium Rare.

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Champion of awesome.
Go ahead and ask:
Whats with the shoes?

What else?
Cheeseburger connoisseur.
CrossFit @ Guerrilla Fitness.
Church at Hillsong.
Coffee? Black.
C-starting sentences? Yes.

"What do you do, Paul?"
I'm a Digital Pathfinder.
I specialize in Neuromarketing. Digital Marketing.
"Social Media" Strategy. User Experience.
People, and people. (People matter.)

Oh, still reading?
Try this on for size...

Choose yourself to make a difference.
Give your time and energy.
Give of yourself.
Do your art.
Dance on the edges.
Be you.

Raised in the back-alleys of Godin.
Traveled the highways of Nielsen.
Completed the GORUCK Challenge of a lifetime.
Studied in the halls of Zeldman Clarke & Halvorson.
Walked along the Vaynerchuk shores.
Brass Tack Thinking: I Make Things Happen, appreciate the Hiut Denim story and craftsmanship.

Do visit the DO Lectures.

( To the one who knows,  #403 )
Bragging rights
People? check. Great listener? check. Two steps ahead? check. Strategy? check. Creative? check. Winning smile? double-check for yourself, in real life - say hello!
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Forever just a memory just a memory just a memory, my friend. She's not ordinary. *She's just like me*. Woke up (I woke up again) this morni

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