If you +1'd this five-month-old post, some dude is probably trying to intimidate you into removing it right now. If you didn't, you should for solidarity. Also, giggles!
This was originally a private letter, I've been asked by Indie+ to make a public statement and I can't do much better than this. It's been edited from the original form.

Dear Indie+
I like you. I have enjoyed my time with you, which is why I am writing this to you. Because I am seriously upset.

Are you seriously billing James D as a "free speech advocate?" Someone who threatens their critics with rape is not a free speech advocate, they're just a regular old misogynist. I realize that misogyny is so common in TRPGs that it seems like water off a duck's back but seriously?

I don't object to you interviewing any person (although maybe if you wanted to talk about free speech you could interview the woman he harassed? just throwing that out there), but I strongly object to framings which paint harassers as free speech advocates. Harassment is the opposite of free speech.

What your lionized billing says to me, as a rape survivor, is "We don't give a fuck."

As an alternative billing can I suggest "known for threatening his critics with sexual violence and for his trivializing use of rape for cheap thrills?"

Comments are off because I don't care for comments on this.
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