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My visit to Auschwitz... it's a place that you cannot help but be affected by, even writing about it is pretty emotional.
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A place full of suffering but still worth visiting! I enjoyed your article and the amazing photos! Impressive!
We went in the end of February, it was snowy and freezing. We couldn't even visit parts of Birkenau because they hadn't been able to clear out the snow. Yet to imagine, this was a year round operation. Very sobering...
I went there a few years ago. I wrote about my experience for yTravelBlog. This place touches people in different ways. I am not sure anyone experiences this place exactly the same. However, it needs to be remembered, experienced, and never forgotten.
+Brett Domue It was pouring with rain when I was there, very depressing needless to say.

+Jeremy Branham Hey, have you got a link... I'd like to read that!
No, Paul, I haven't but I've always been fascinated by Auschwitz and I've also red a lot about it.
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