The Achievements project is chugging along. The current list is as follows:

A Wonder To Behold: during a battle, roll three consecutive critical hits while in the Killing Zone.

As Two Lions: score three consecutive tied critical hits in combat with another knight.

Borrowed Glory: be mistaken for a knight of at least twice your glory, for whatever reason.

Castle Batesmotel: as lord of a castle, institute a strange custom that all guests must satisfy.

Choking It Down: accept the surrender of an individual for whom you have a Hate passion of 16 or greater.

Devil Take The Hindmost!: in the Boy King phase, take part in every one of Arthur’s battles.

Dunroamin: obtain (or build) a castle and give it an evocative name.

First Sight: in the Romance phase, generate an Amor passion for someone whose name you don’t know.

For Jesu’s Sake: defeat a major (typically named) opponent while inspired by Love (God).

Horseflesh: leave a battle riding the horse of an enemy knight.

Indestructible Bastard: survive a hit doing 12d6 damage or more.

It Wasn't Me: perform a heroic, chivalrous deed, unrecognised, and claim no credit. Glory for the achievement awarded once the truth comes out (as it always does).

Kinslayer: during the Twilight phase, slay someone whom your Love (Family) would ordinarily inspire you to protect.

Nom de Guerre: adopt a colourful nickname in French.

Payback Time: in the Anarchy phase, seize the lands of a named rival.

Rosalinde de Riveter: as a Lady, accomplish a quest that was thought to require a knight.

Rule Britannia!: in the Conquest phase, win a title and estate outside of Britain.

Smiting For Crockery: during the Grail Quest period, slay a fiendish knight.

Spanning Generations: accomplish a quest that your father failed. This is upgraded to Family Tradition (and the bonus glory is doubled) if both your father and grandfather failed the same quest.

Submit To The Crown: vanquish a knight and extract an oath that he will present himself to the King and swear fealty.

The Infected: go mad from fumbling a Hatred passion.

Too Much Time On Your Hands: bear, and faithfully draw, a coat of arms with sixteen quaterings or more.

Who Was That Masked Man?: during the Tournament phase, win a tournament you entered incognito.

Each one is worth 100 glory, and can be awarded only once - the first person who qualifies, gets it.

As before, any extra ideas you guys have are welcome!

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