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Through my Eyes...
Favorite Memories and Images of 2016
Images by Paul Roderick Deatherage aka P A U L R O D E R I C K

I will be linking ALL the people who touched me in 2016

It is kinda long, 40 minutes, but if you have the time I think you will enjoy it. Very great music so you can play it as background music.

Music by Beck
Morning Phase
My most listened to album of 2016
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Today's theme for #joinindaily is "Fruit"
Volunteered by +Alun Jones in the absence of +Johnny Wills 
Denise Baxter Yoder's profile photoPaul Deatherage (Paul Roderick)'s profile photo
+Denise Baxter Yoder ...very kind of you, and appreciated :o)
We have a lot of wild pear trees on our property, the deer love'm!
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Stormin Normin
Big Water at Depot Bay today... too wet to hang out with my little Fuji in the rain. First out 3 was the best, then my lens got wet.
Definitely best if viewed full-screen.
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Today's theme for #joinindaily  is "Purple/Lilac/Blue Even!" (Not Flowers.)
The Longest Road
Highway 20 between Corvallis and Albany, rainy days and Mondays always make me blue.
Thinking good thoughts for +Johnny Wills 
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Boy, does that look familiar!

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Talking Turkey and Turkey Tales ...or should I say "Tails" for today's
#joinindaily  theme.
Here at Raven Hill we have a lot of wild turkeys, and some tales to go with them... here we have a few turkey tails heading up to the fir trees to take their afternoon siesta.
A group of turkeys is called a "rafter" but I prefer calling them a "herd of turkeys" because it rolls better off the tongue ;o)

Thanks again +Johnny Wills for hosting this page.
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Liz C
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The Hardy Rhododendron

Another from my walkabout yesterday in snowy downtown Albany.

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For #joinindaily   volunteered by +Alun Jones  in the absence of +Johnny Wills 
Today's theme is "Sky"
I have SO many favorite Sky images... but this one has a very special meaning to me.
This is where I live and I had my best little Buddy with me on this particular walk-about. Very good times.
Denise Baxter Yoder's profile photoPaul Deatherage (Paul Roderick)'s profile photo
+Denise Baxter Yoder ...I was in the right place at the right time. You can barely see our place, center right. We're in a bowl of sorts and when the coyote's bark and howl we never know where they are till we see them.
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Revisiting some captures from last year...
Depot Bay, Oregon
Had some great wave action going on.
Tweaked this one with several filters including an analog, then made into a painterly by running it through the CS6 Oil Paint filter.
I personally really like how it finished up.
To see it full-screen is best.
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Very beautiful, love it...
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More Turkey "Tails" for today's #joinindaily  theme, hosted by +Johnny Wills 
I like seeing the tail feathers from the front.
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Excellent +Paul Deatherage​. Thanks for joining in 
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Have you ever walked a trestle? Have you ever walked one with snow on it??
Kind of like life, you just take one careful step at a time.
From my snowy walkabout.
Trestle over the Calapooia River, Albany, OR
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Reminds me of Brownsville
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For todays theme at #joinindaily  ...In the Middle

I love the old covered bridges here in Oregon and Harris Covered Bridge might be my all time favorite for a lot of different reasons, but one of them happens to be In the Middle of this image... Harris Bridge Vineyard and the people who own and operate it.
Thank you +Johnny Wills for hosting this page.
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Great +Paul Deatherage​. Thanks for joining in 
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Paul's Collections
~If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at... change! ~
YES, I am the same human as Paul Deatherage, just making some minor changes for my retirement years. I will be using my first and middle name from here on out. Paul Roderick was how my father would call/address me to add emphasis to what ever it was I was doing, had done, etc.. some of it good, some bad, but it was how he liked to get my attention.

I work as a Energy Conservation Educator and provide my clients with Home Energy Audits.  Have you ever had a Door Blower test, or an infrared scan  done on your home? ...I do this for my living.

In my spare time I help run a dog rescue program called Pet Adoption Network with my wife... I love animals, and dogs in particular.  In my other spare time I help take care of 6 dogs, 3 cats, 2 llamas, 4 alpaca and 2 horses.  

I also play drums in a band called the Zen Dawgz!  LOVE music and I have a VERY diverse music collection including classical, jazz, rock, pop, country, zydeco, folk, new-wave, world, with just about everything in-between... no opera or rap though ;o)

I love art, and especially photography.  I carry a camera with me where ever I go, I'll shoot anything and everything that catches my eye.  I also love the post processing part of photography, learning more every day.

I'm a very curious creature!

If you want me to circle you, there needs to be a little effort by YOU to provide me with some information about yourself and your interests on your "About" page... pretty simple really.

Bragging rights
Becoming a competent man. Have helped find homes for hundreds of dogs. I'm a very good cook.
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Philomath, OR
Corvallis, OR - too many to list
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Wonderful location and well maintained campground. My wife and I spent a week there in September of 2014 and had a great time. Located near many other places of interest, such as Thor's Well, Devils Churn and Cape Perpetua Lookout. The camp hosts were very friendly and accommodating. We plan on going there again soon! It would appear that those who only gave 1 or 2 stars did not check out the specifics about the campground, so personally I would not give them any merit. If you're traveling and planning on staying somewhere, check out the hours/days/months that they are open and what the accommodations are.
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I've been there twice and both times the food was excellent and the service superb. My first try was for lunch with a co-worker. Had the salmon BLT and it was bar-none the BEST BLT I've ever had in my life! Seriously, I will have this as my bench-mark for the rest of my life. My second visit was for dinner with my youngest daughter. I had the grilled tuna with grilled vegetables ~ Oh mercy me! The tuna was cooked to perfection! My daughter doesn't like to try new foods (she had the fish-n-chips) and I talked he into taking a bite... "the best tuna she has ever had!" Prices are reasonable considering the food is fresh and well prepared, plus the service is very great! It can get a little crazy during the tourist season, so if you go there when the people are are everywhere, be prepared to wait.
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2 reviews