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Re:Creators - more complaints about 7/10 anime
In the first episode, there's a great scene where Selesia, a light novel heroine from a fantasy/scifi world, fights magical girl Mamika. Selesia challenges Mamika to consider how her claims of fighting for justice can sit next to the collateral damage (most...

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Saga of Tanya the Evil
Tanya follows the wartime exploits of a nine-year-old military savant, rising through the ranks of a German-analogue Imperial army. Using her knowledge of our world history (Tanya is a salaryman, reincarnated as a girl in this alternate reality by a "god" w...

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Shin Godzilla (2016)
Shin Godzilla , Hideaki Anno and Shinji Higuchi's 2016 update of maybe the most famous monster franchise in the world, is the series' most overtly satirical entry. It's also arguably the funniest, and much like Gareth Edwards' 2014 installment has gone stra...

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Ghost in the Shell preview
The opening four-and-a-half minutes of the upcoming Ghost in the Shell live-action movie was released on Twitter today, and… I'm not particularly impressed. ICYMI: watch an extended clip from #GhostintheShell from the beginning of the movie.

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Unfortunate Events
I wonder if I'd like Netflix's A Series of Unfortunate Events more if it didn't remind me quite so much of Pushing Daisies . They have more than a few things in common; from an omnipresent narrator to a visual style right on the border of the uncanny-valley...

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Ghost of a Shell
Possibly controversial opinion: there has never been a truly great version of Ghost in the Shell . Even Masamune Shirow's original 1989 manga is uneven, lurching from philosophy to comedy to body horror to tedious politicking to pornography at its author's ...

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Doctor Strange
The fundamental problem with Doctor Strange is that it's not about anything. Marvel's latest Cinematic Universe hero bears some surface-level similarities to their first: 2008's Iron Man also starred a wealthy genius with a predilection for stylish facial h...

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No Fear of a Blank Planet
I think I've finally figured out what's missing from No Man's Sky : danger. Supposedly a survival game, there's very little threat. Aggressive animals are, in my experience, very uncommon. The Sentinels will leave you alone unless provoked. Hazardous enviro...

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Hibike! Euphonium
I've finally, months behind everybody else, caught up with the bonus 14th episode of Hibike Euphonium . It's a side-story that runs parallel to the finale of the main series, following Hazuki - poor, brave, heartbroken Hazuki - and the other nine members of...

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Seven things I hate about Re:Zero, after 18 episodes
This will likely make little sense to anybody who has A. not seen any of Re:Zero or B. seen (or read) all of Re:Zero so far. The whole Light Novel schtick. Conversations that take three times longer to get to the point than even the slowest audience could p...
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