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As climate change in the near future is likely to bring raised temperatures at northern latitudes, the characteristics of permafrost could greatly change. Changes to permafrost could have serious impact on existing and future northern infrastructures such as pipelines and could significantly affect northern communities. This study provides one of the first summaries of climate and permafrost temperature relations across northern Canada and provid...
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Canada is a major contributor
to global warming
enormous amounts of energy are required to
extract oil from the Alberta tar sands
and the oil is the dirtiest in the world
requiring heavy refining
however the world desperately needs the oil energy as
crude oil production has been in decline since 2008
yes this is year 5 of crude oil production in decline at 6% P.A.
many organizations are predicting an oil crunch by 2015
including the US Military
and the World Bank
the World bank are worried about it's effect on the economy of the world
please Google
oil crunch
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