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+KIT KAT achieved on the +HTC One Developers Edition.
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Why such a huge file? My N7 was less than 300mb I think.... 
I haven't gotten it yet. Seems there's no manual install yet either. 
Just flashed the insertcoin 4.4 sense Rom and teamseven kernel. 
This was a pretty extensive update. Lots of new stuff with blinkfeed and a all new gallery with updated camera... and lots more in the background. I am digging it so far. 
Is the dial app is changed?

Is the contacts is changed now , showing suggested contacts as per your frequent contacts you are calling them likewise Nexus 5? 
+Rich Hutchinson Developer Editon is unlocked boatloader version running Android with HTC Sense out of the box, Google Play Edition is just running stock Android 
+Artem Russakovskii The notification bar is transparent in Sense, but I don't see any settings to make anything else transparent.

I don't have Nova Beta and don't see it in the store.  If you can point me at it I'd be happy to report back for you.  Definitely no transparency in Nova Prime, though.
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