Much like people. We know of death by inference of others, but we behave dangerously at times because, "hey, I've survived worse." Or "I'm smarter than those that didn't survive." Or completely ignoring/not understanding the warning signs and dangers involved. I'd say cultures can behave this way to. Many empires have risen and fallen, but they never anticipate the fall because they've never experienced one before. Any thing we create will also suffer the same great and bad attributes we all suffer from. And if AI is truly able to detach itself from it's human upbringings, then maybe it'll experience a whole new world of traits yet to be seen from intelligent beings. But when it comes down to it; all the things possible are limited by the laws of physics.

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#Bayesian -based #AI will engage in risky behavior, believing it'll never die, since it hasn't died yet. weird to think that teenagers are actually Bayesian-rational
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