People who get offended at language bore me. If you want to be truly offended look at actions not words.
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What people choose to speak is an action......
"They’re fucking words. There’s a war going on, children’s arms and legs are getting blown off, we’re paying for it, and you’re offended by a fucking word. You can’t use words to change people. You can’t, but according to you, I can. So treat me like I have that power. Get on your fucking knees and pray to me and write me a check or I’ll turn you to dust by saying the word googaboo. It’s a new one, I made it up, it’s the most offensive word in the world. If I say it three times, your dick falls off. Now get the fuck out of here, I don’t like the way you put words together, when you type, it makes me remember getting raped in the butt at summer camp. I’m going to sue you."  -- Dan Harmon (via +Elaine Barlow)
Come be serious. People use words to express themselves. They are not "just" words. I just don't think you can really believe that. You use words because they mean something to you. Or because you want to invoke a reaction.... I am sure when you go to help someone who needs it you don't just say screw you as you help them get on their feet. You use encouraging words. Words of comfort. Sure actions do mean a lot. But words are very important. 
Words can be important but offense is just pathetic, it's letting someone else dictate how you feel.
I agree that no one should dictate how you feel. But what makes words any less than the action of someone punching you in the face. Either way they can hurt. But how you react to that is ultimatly your choice. I can choose to ignore you or to avoid you because of your words or actions.... Or I can be foolish, knowing that your words or action offend me , and continue to hang around you.

What is also interesting is that it seems that it offends you that others are offended. Therefore you allow those who are offended to affect how you feel about them... 
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