Time for the Google TV Weekly Hangout. Note the new time!
Google TV Development Office Hours on Wednesday 5/9 at 9:30am PDT (UTC-7), 12:30pm EDT, 16:30 GMT.


1) First off, you need to have me in your circles.
2) Please post your question(s) to the original version of this post (ie from me).
3) I will invite questioners (and those who've asked in the past) to join the hangout with us.
4) I will then publish the live stream so that everyone can view it. (ie >10)
(it will be in my feed - that's why you need to follow me.)
6) I'll post the video to my stream and Google TV Developers.

If your interested in how to develop for and market your apps with Google TV this is the place to be.
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