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On the train today, Philosoraptor and I discussed the subjective hypocrisy folks apply to their 50 Shades of Greed - they always seem to exempt themselves: 

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How much history is historical fiction? Where's the line between, say Gore Vidal's Lincoln and Steven Spielberg's film of the same title?

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Tolkien, the everyday anarchist. 

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Interesting.... Seems Google is flirting with the "proto-fascist organizations of the extreme right." (LOL, Mercatus and Cato) All I can say is, keep it up Google. 
It has come to light that Google has started funding and supporting some of the most vile right wing extremist collectives and corporate front groups in America. Join us by changing your avatar and boycotting every single Google service for one day in protest. 

On Wednesday, December 11th make a serious attempt to not use anything Google. No Google Searches. No Google+. No gmail. No Youtube. No Google Calendar. No Blogger. No Google Maps. No Google Photos. No Google translate. No Google reverse image search. No Google Play. No Google Drive. No Google Books. No Google Shopping. Nothing.  If nothing else, just think of this as a challenge to see if you are able to spend a day on the internet without using a single Google product or service. 

Google, many of us are your most loyal users, but it must be understood in no uncertain terms that we vehemently disagree with your decision to start to fund proto-fascist, right wing extremist, and anti-science shock fronts like:

•ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council)
•American Conservative Union
•Americans for Tax Reform
•CATO Institute
•Federalist Society
•George Mason University Law School Law and Economics Center
•Heritage Action
•Mercatus Center
•National Taxpayers Union
•R Street Institute
•Texas Public Policy Foundation

More information:
Don’t Be Evil? Google Funding a Slew of Right-Wing Groups

Tell Google CEO Larry Page to Cut Ties with ALEC

Tell Google: Don't Be Evil With ALEC

#ShameOnGoogle  #Google    #DontBeEvil  

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Hands down the best history experience anywhere. 
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When I was a kid, my Mom always told me that 'money doesn't grow on trees'. I tell my kids the same thing but add, 'it's made out of thin air'. Needless to say I get confused looks from them. 

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Reason entered a video in the contest to make a promo video for Obamacare. Hilarity ensues. Don't try to go vote for their submission though, apparently social media contests are not essential.

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I think we should institute a new, floating holiday. It falls on whichever days the government is shut down. It should be called "Jefferson Day" ("That government is best which governs least.").

Several Jefferson Days strung together should be known as a "Jefferson Festival". 

Some day, a Jefferson Festival may culminate in a Thoreau Day ("That government is best which governs not at all.").

Why all the chest beating over the "poor federal workers" who are furloughed? Where was the outrage for the jobs that would have been created by the funds that are stolen to pay those workers?

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"... don’t think the solution to corporate-state capitalism is to make it less corrupt. The problem is not that it’s corrupt. It’s that it’s corporate-state capitalism." 
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