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After seeing +Guenther Beyer's mockup of how #Instagram could (and perhaps should) look on #Android, I was inspired to create my own. I decided to have a bit of fun with it, and step slightly out of the mainstream design aesthetic.

Guenther, just waiting on your debut to #Dribble to post this as a "rebound". Other Dribbblers out there: Get ready for a good, ol' fashion playoff.
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Thanks guys. +Kevin Scott II I can understand the desire to design around a brand, but there are many places where the Instagram "port" simply neglects well established, and documented Android design patterns. Instagram also initially built its style around the standard iOS conventions. And come-on, how many more apps do we need we a blue gradient action bar? ;)
Beautiful! This makes very disappointed at the Android version after such a long wait for the app.
Waooh awesome mockup, wish i could design like,
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