IMDb for Android Re-imagined

I decided to take a stab at redesigning IMDb for the #ADiA  contest. I chose the actor detail page and introduced a new flow that mimics the Quick Contact pattern for quickly viewing movies.

Since I didn't have analytics, the design reflects the way that my friends and I typically use IMDb. If I'm looking up an actor, I am most likely interested in what movies he/she was in. A secondary common use case is showing a photo to a friend who cannot remember the actor. I see the bio info as tertiary, at best. Consequently, I moved the pictures to the top and exposed the short bio content in an expandable title.

The "Known For" section is a gallery-type horizontal scrolling list. Tapping on a movie shows a quick popup dialog with the most pertinent information about the movie. This allows the user to quickly browse the actor's filmography, without waiting for the new screen and data to load.

Note: movies would be exposed this way on actor pages, while actors would work similarly on movie pages. Performing a search would take your directly to the detail page.

If you didn't see my post last night, I also open sourced that hand/pointer overlay, that is similar to one used in Android:

Thanks to +Touch Lab for letting me do this on the clock!

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