Can't we just go back, to Back?

I'm watching the Navigation in Android session from Google IO and just learned about some upsetting changes. Google is continuing on their effort to upend the concept of Back, and this time, notifications are in the crosshairs.

Example: You're looking at your Google+ stream when a Gmail notification comes in. You click into that notification, Gmail opens, and after reading the email, you press back.

What do you expect to happen?

If you've ever used Android, you would probably expect Gmail to close, and G+ to reopen where you left off. This is the way it has always worked. In Jelly Bean, you will, instead, be taken UP in Gmail to reveal the "conversation list." If you press back again, it will take you to... the home screen?!

If I understand this correctly, they have fundamentally changed the way notifications work in Jelly Bean. The basic concept is, now, clicking a notification clears the task stack. Therefore, pressing back, after clicking into a notification, takes you back to the home screen, and not the app you were previously in.

They justify this decision by pointing out that the "recent tasks" button is easily available to switch back to the previous app, and that it's "only two clicks away." What's even worse is that it seems this decision was made to reduce user confusion in cases where the task stack is very large(?).

What ever happened to designing for the most common usage, like the one mentioned above?

This doesn't only bother me as a developer, but enrages me as a user. I have been using Android for 3+ years, and for me, the back button and notifications have always been the shining example of why Android is better. Now, I'm really not so sure.

CC: +Adam Powell +Richard Fulcher 
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