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Co-founder at SAY

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The 24-bit WAV for Radiohead's OKNOTOK release is a 2.9GB download! I'm so excited for this boxset to arrive that I might just wait for the vinyl, to listen.

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I was upset when Netflix moved to the thumbs up/down model because I've rated hundreds of movies over the years, and found the star predictions to be surprisingly accurate. It's very rare that i give a movie/show 1 or 5 stars, so I basically don't rate in Netflix anymore.

On top of that, the percentage ratings felt off most of the time. I assumed it was my bias, and figured things would settle in... until I saw this.

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These new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar are awful machines. USB-C ports just don't work properly. This is what is shown when I simply connected an Android device. If you have a Thunderbolt monitor connected, forget it; all other ports are completely useless.

And they update the line less than 7 months after release. Hard to keep standing by Apple.

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Looks like a great opportunity!
I'm looking to hire an Android engineer to help me develop Action Launcher.

If you're interested, please get in touch!

Looks like the #io17 live stream got cut early for some reason. Was looking forward to the ExoPlayer talk all day. :-( Great sessions, otherwise.

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Interesting, and somewhat surprising, results in this app icon A/B test on the Google Play Store.

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Shape Shifter just keeps getting better!
Shape Shifter v0.3.0 is out! (

Make sure you share this post with your web developer friends, because Shape Shifter now exports to CSS keyframes and SVG spritesheets! Here are the deets:

* Made significant improvements to Shape Shifter's UI, making it overall much easier to use.
* Added a new "pair subpaths mode", which allows the user to specify how subpaths in the start canvas should morph into subpaths in the end canvas.
* Added export to SVG spritesheet option for web developers.
* Added export to standalone SVG frames option for web developers.
* Added export to CSS keyframes option for web developers.
* Added the ability to import VectorDrawable files into the workspace.
* Added the ability to delete subpaths and split segments directly from the canvas.
* A bunch of performance improvements and bug fixes.

View the complete changelog on GitHub:
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Shape Shifter is amazing! +Alex Lockwood has really outdone himself with this tool. For me, it's already cleared up so many confusing aspects of SVG animation and opened a new world of options.

Basic steps:
1. Ensure points are in the same direction in the from/to path.
2. Equalize number of points in a way that will make sense for the morph.
3. Optionally split paths to allow for morphing one to many.

That's it! Thanks, Alex!!
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This new Gorillaz album can't come soon enough.

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The new Android Profiler looks promising! I think I'm most excited for the Network Profiler. Stetho is great, but a bit of a hack.
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