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Co-founder at SAY

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Looks like a great opportunity!
I'm looking to hire an Android engineer to help me develop Action Launcher.

If you're interested, please get in touch!

Looks like the #io17 live stream got cut early for some reason. Was looking forward to the ExoPlayer talk all day. :-( Great sessions, otherwise.

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Interesting, and somewhat surprising, results in this app icon A/B test on the Google Play Store.

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Shape Shifter just keeps getting better!
Shape Shifter v0.3.0 is out! (

Make sure you share this post with your web developer friends, because Shape Shifter now exports to CSS keyframes and SVG spritesheets! Here are the deets:

* Made significant improvements to Shape Shifter's UI, making it overall much easier to use.
* Added a new "pair subpaths mode", which allows the user to specify how subpaths in the start canvas should morph into subpaths in the end canvas.
* Added export to SVG spritesheet option for web developers.
* Added export to standalone SVG frames option for web developers.
* Added export to CSS keyframes option for web developers.
* Added the ability to import VectorDrawable files into the workspace.
* Added the ability to delete subpaths and split segments directly from the canvas.
* A bunch of performance improvements and bug fixes.

View the complete changelog on GitHub:
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Shape Shifter is amazing! +Alex Lockwood has really outdone himself with this tool. For me, it's already cleared up so many confusing aspects of SVG animation and opened a new world of options.

Basic steps:
1. Ensure points are in the same direction in the from/to path.
2. Equalize number of points in a way that will make sense for the morph.
3. Optionally split paths to allow for morphing one to many.

That's it! Thanks, Alex!!
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This new Gorillaz album can't come soon enough.

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The new Android Profiler looks promising! I think I'm most excited for the Network Profiler. Stetho is great, but a bit of a hack.

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"So I spent 200 hours analyzing the academic research on linguistics. Turns out, there is a science behind it. Certain names sound right for specific reasons."

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But we have to admit that the software industry is not a good place to be if you’re a sole trader / indie app maker / small startup. That is the objective truth. People have no problem in paying $5 daily for a coffee. But they have a problem in paying upwards of $0 daily to use an app. Heck, nobody’s going to pay to use your app for $5 a year, let alone a single day.

The battle is not in figuring out how to get customers to pay for our products — that is an expired time period. The present day battle is in how to get customers to pay for software at all.

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Google Now reminders simply no longer work. Even worse: I'm still, often, not getting Gmail notifications until i move the phone. Both are not battery optimized.

Really not a fan of Doze, and wish I could disable it altogether. The future of Android looks troubling if Doze is going to be vastly expanded, and even Google apps can't do it right.

Still waiting on this reminder:
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