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Android Developer, Designer
Android Developer, Designer

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This new Gorillaz album can't come soon enough.

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The new Android Profiler looks promising! I think I'm most excited for the Network Profiler. Stetho is great, but a bit of a hack.

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"So I spent 200 hours analyzing the academic research on linguistics. Turns out, there is a science behind it. Certain names sound right for specific reasons."

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But we have to admit that the software industry is not a good place to be if you’re a sole trader / indie app maker / small startup. That is the objective truth. People have no problem in paying $5 daily for a coffee. But they have a problem in paying upwards of $0 daily to use an app. Heck, nobody’s going to pay to use your app for $5 a year, let alone a single day.

The battle is not in figuring out how to get customers to pay for our products — that is an expired time period. The present day battle is in how to get customers to pay for software at all.

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Google Now reminders simply no longer work. Even worse: I'm still, often, not getting Gmail notifications until i move the phone. Both are not battery optimized.

Really not a fan of Doze, and wish I could disable it altogether. The future of Android looks troubling if Doze is going to be vastly expanded, and even Google apps can't do it right.

Still waiting on this reminder:

Post has attachment's CDN SSL certification just expired. This could have some fairly widespread effects.

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This is a real problem, and a worry that I share. When you have a successful independent developer affraid to publish their app, for fear of an unjust ban, it's pretty clear that the system is broken.

2 years ago I quit my 200k/year job to follow my passion. After failing with a few mobile apps, one of my Android apps took off and it's now generating enough money for me to live off of.

I'm using that income to focus on next projects, but reading here about getting banned from the Play Store for unclear/unknown reasons makes me worried. What's even worse is after the ban, we are left with automated responses.

Just a reminder that this still need sigs:

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Droidcon NYC 2016 tickets are now available. If you can't make it to NYC this year, don't sweat it; sessions will be streamed live for the first time! #droidconnyc

Man, the latest update to the Google Keyboard made it so much faster and smoother (on my 5X, at least). It feels really great to swipe.

Really frustrating that they keep cutting off the #io16  live streams when they get to Q&A. Just got a 15 min VR presentation, then cut to the same 4 vids that have been on loop for 3 days.

When will Google realize that the only real value of IO is the Q&A.
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