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The case for daydreaming…

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Figuring out the true meaning and purpose of creativity is a rather complicated subject. Sure, dictionaries and teachers can come up with a definition for it in a jiffy, but creativity as a whole can be approached in different ways. Here’s one way of looking at creativity that you probably haven’t heard yet: Without creativity, none of us would be here today. We need creativity to survive - we always have.
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I agree, +Katherine Kotaw — and your point about animal intelligence and creativity is brilliant! I’ve only recently started to fully appreciate how animals may be superior to us in some ways we may not understand.
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Paul Biedermann

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I know I talk a lot about how important design and first impressions are when it comes to marketing your business — just as important is how well your website responds in those precious first seconds when people decide whether to stay or go.

In this post, +Mary Iannotti homes in on load time and how to best optimize your images for a site that zips along as you click, click, click... check it out!

I was thrilled to help Mary out with her logo design and visual branding — she made sure it doesn't keep you waiting. :-)

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Improve Website Load Speed by Optimizing Images

Today’s savvy website visitors will not wait around for web pages to load. If it takes more than a few seconds for a page to appear before their eyes, visitors will move on.

Load speed controls how soon visitors see your warm welcome message and stunning sales pitch. It influences how fast transactions occur on your website and is part of your brand’s customer service. It contributes to the first impression people have of your brand, so ensure you start off on the right foot by serving up speedy web pages.

There’s another reason to pay attention to website load speed; it’s a factor in Google’s search ranking algorithm.

For website owners, designers and non-technical folks who manage sites, image optimization is one of the easiest ways to improve load speed because it doesn’t require knowledge about your hosting environment or software coding skills. Managing image size is the low hanging fruit that rewards you well for your effort!

Read this case study that doubles as a tutorial where I share tools and techniques I used to optimize large images on my recent website redesign.

Thanks to +Paul Biedermann  and +MaAnna Stephenson who assisted me with the redesign. Paul ensured Digital Marketing Deva got a classy new identity, and MaAnna helped me keep the site lean.

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Image optimization is one of the easiest ways to improve website load speed. Learn effective techniques to optimize JPEG and PNG images.
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I see, thanks for the explanation, +Mary Iannotti. Also wondering why Photoshop couldn't build a more robust compression tool into its workflow, but I guess it doesn't really matter when the other tools are so easily accessible.
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If a company doesn’t communicate well and tell its story, it gets to the point where people ask why should they care too? That breeds apathy and is bad business.

Is that happening here with Google? Get +Katherine Kotaw’s take on it in this great post.

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Why Google Should Google ‘Storytelling’ & Why Content Marketing is a Product

Curated by KOTAW Returns!  Here are my thoughts on a #KOTAWesome podcast from the +Content Marketing Institute hosted by +Robert Rose and +Joe Pulizzi.

Big thanks to +Alisa Meredith of +Scalable Social Media - Inbound Online Marketing for reading my comment on Joe Pulizzi's blog and telling me I just HAD to publish my thoughts on +KOTAW Content Marketing!! (PS: Your comment on my blog made my day!)

My key takeaways:

“Google is not telling their story.”

Says Robert, Chief Strategist at the Content Marketing Institute.

And I say, what a PERFECT way to put it!

There was this “breaking news” last month that Google Plus is dead, then articles that are vague at best as to what the new Google Plus plan (or lack thereof) is, and then it just seems like there was never any news to begin with and everything is business as usual on Google Plus because, as Robert Rose said, there was no actual story!

And having no story doesn’t really create the mystique that Google may or may not have intended.

It just kind of leads to apathy and (another great quote of Robert’s) “letting the story write them,” which as he says, is “just bad marketing.”

We Want a Story and We Want it NOW!

In the digital marketing age, the public wants to know what’s going on — and we want immediate answers.

Google may get away with not providing the answers right away because they’re Google, but any other corporation that doesn’t have immediate answers to customer questions (i.e.: Why is my dog food brand being pulled off the shelves? What is the danger?”) is simply not going to survive in an age where customers instantly tweet and post that their dog got sick from the food before a memo has even been circulated around the entire corporation, before the company even knows what the problem is.

The public wants answers as quickly as it takes to send a tweet — and we want the story. If a company is not providing us with quick answers and a story, we switch to a company that will.

Read on to find out just how ESSENTIAL   #brandstorytelling is to your #digitalmarketing strategy, and to learn why #contentmarketing is a product!

Love it?!  Then PIN IT HERE! #GooglePlus  

And then tell me, has a lack of #storytelling  impacted your views on any particular company, including Google?  *Please share your thoughts below, or on my blog!*
Why brand storytelling is essential to the success of any business' content marketing strategy and why brands must think of content marketing as a product.
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+Katherine Kotaw Always happy to share good storytelling and content marketing product. :-)
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Interesting article about a design great: Ladislav Sutnar — finally getting his due this “rebirth” year. 

Hard to believe I not only worked once for the same company, but on the very same project! (The Sweet’s Catalog for the construction information segment of McGraw-Hill, an early information design tour de force by Mr. Sutnar, albeit I was there at a very different time.)

#design   #designhistory   #informationdesign  
Steven Heller previews The Return of Ladislav Sutnar — a massive project to honor Pilsen's legendary native son.
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“Brand identity becomes the Holy Grail for marketers and designers because the vision and all visual elements (logo, typography, colors, etc.) are defined.” ~ +Mary Iannotti 

#brandstrategy   #visualcontent   #contentmarketing
Save Time - Set Up a Brand Strategy to Guide Your Marketing

Businesses that don’t set up a solid brand strategy usually waste time and money because their marketing efforts are disjointed and inconsistent. As +Paul Biedermann outlines in this article, brand strategy sets the focus for all marketing, creates a brand identity and guides your visuals.

Brand identity becomes the Holy Grail for marketers and designers because the vision and all visual elements (logo, typography, colors, etc.) are defined. This Holy Grail will help all members of the creative team produce material aligned with a brand’s vision much faster. That’s a big cost savings for businesses.

Read Paul’s article to lean how to power up your visual content by focusing on building the right brand strategy first

#brandingstrategy   #marketing   #visualcontent  
Paul Biedermann shows how it’s done in the 12 Most Strategic Reasons to Brand First, Produce Visual Content Later.
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I agree, +Mary Iannotti — a bit frustrating because standardizing things would make it all so much better.
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My friend +Andrew Ley finally sat down at the typewriter again and pumped out this great post with an important reminder for all of us.

You simply can't please everyone, nor should you.

#businesstips #branding
I've written a new blog post:

If you spend time agonising over how to get everyone to like you, then it's time to stop. I don't like Stephen King, and Stephen King doesn't mind.

You will never be able to please everyone - and the mere act of trying introduces compromise into your business.

So choose what you want to be, stick by it, and pay no mind to the people who don't agree.
I don't like Stephen King's books - but I reckon that's fine with him. Trying to get everyone to like your business is a bad move.
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Thanks for the share +Paul Biedermann.

I hope you enjoyed the article +Loc Nguyen, and the title didn't put you off too much :)  
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Spring is beginning — this is what it looks like in black and white, but more color is on the way! Promise!

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Hehe! Amazing indeed, +Paul Biedermann!
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More logo humor — this time Jimmy Kimmel is getting in on the action!

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+Megan Pritts Ha — that's great!
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There are lots of ways to engage the consumer — it just takes a little creativity.

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Ohhh gotcha +Paul Biedermann. That explains it. I guess I need to read more news.
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Has design ever been such fodder for humor? Check out the new typeface called “Hillvetica” released on Twitter by +Rick Wolff. LOL 

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Do I have to? LOL
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People just love to rip into logos. The latest? This one from the Hillary Clinton campaign as she officially announced her bid for the presidency.

A big “H” with an arrow pointing forward in the red, white and blue typical of all these types of logos. What do you think?

Is it really that bad? 

Although not great, I think it’s fine. At least it’s different from the usual ribbons, stars and stripes. The “H” is strong. A bit simplistic and boring? Perhaps, but certainly not worthy of the venom being spewed.

Politics aside, which I’m sure is also feeding the frenzy, it’s funny how people always like to associate logos with other things, or hunt for deeper meanings. And I’ve already seen a couple of online conversations quickly devolve into the usual “let’s start a contest and see if people can come up with something better” routine. Design once again diminished to nothing more than crowdsourced opinion and beauty contests open to all. I guess some things never change.

More articles:
Hillary Clinton's Campaign Logo Looks Like FedEx — Or Directions To Hospital, According To Twitter

The Internet Freaks Out Over Hillary's Campaign Logo

Ted Cruz’s logo was a whole other story:
Graphic designers say Ted Cruz's logo looks like a burning flag

#branding   #logodesign  
The release of Hillary Clinton's launch video late Sunday afternoon not only ruined boozy brunches and wholesome family outings for countless political journalists—it nearly overshadowed the real Clinton news of the day: our first glimpse of the official logo that will define her 2016 campaign. The logo, pictured above, got a...
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Thanks, +Octopus Creative Design — there's always time to resurrect an old debate! Communities are best when we have these lively discussions. Let's keep them going!
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"A pathetic end to 15 years of work."

This is how it feels when a designer has worked on a piece for a long time — always envisioning the finished result with great anticipation as if finally giving birth to a baby — only to see it compromised by bad printing, chintzy materials and otherwise poor craftsmanship or other shortcuts in the final hours.

Even worse? When a client insists on receiving the final native digital files only to hand them over to others of questionable skills to create new works of poor quality at feeble rates.

At that point, yep — please take my name off the project. There is such a thing as integrity and a designer’s professional reputation, but it is also the client who suffers in the end. I can only imagine how it feels if the work is a building. 

#design   #architecture   #business  
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Great advice +Jason Polkovitz. The sooner designers can let it go, the sooner they can move on to creating new relationships that are fulfilling. Holding onto regret is a waste of energy.
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