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Paul Bennun
Design, art, food and games for fun and money
Design, art, food and games for fun and money

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The Artangel Longplayer Conversation last night was just beautiful (esp. compared to last year). Have bought this book as a result — linking biology to Bach, etymology and cosmic structures.

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"If Stern turned this product in at Apple, Jobs would have taken a big steaming dump on it and handed it back to him and no one would be able to tell what was the turd and what was the movie."

I think this is a bad review of jOBS in the Guardian.

In reply to Brian Eno's letter to him, Nassim Nicholas Taleb replies forward — to Stewart Brand, no less.

This letter series is wonderful and ... (gulp) ... important ... ?

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The Longplayer Letters are a new initiative from The Longplayer Trust (I'm a trustee) as part of The Trust's mission to keep Longplayer playing for the next 987 years. It's kind of a slow-form conversation.
Brian Eno on “anti-fragility” and long-term thinking

This is a letter Brian Eno wrote to Nassim Taleb, author of THE BLACK SWAN and ANTI-FRAGILITY, as part of an art piece by Jem Finer.  Quote...

“In terms of time, however, the picture seems to be narrowing. Public attention is increasingly focused on very near futures: businesses live in terror of the bottom line and the quarterly results, while politicians quake at tomorrow’s opinion polls and formulate policy in terms of them. We’ve heard tales of farmers planting olive trees or vineyards for their grandchildren to harvest, or of foresters cultivating groves of oaks to replace a chapel roof hundreds of years in the future, but by and large, we don’t do that anymore. We have less active engagement with our future than our ancestors did.”

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This, I like. Ferruccio Laviani's 'glitch meets high-end furniture making.'

It's most interesting this article describes a 'new design philosophy.' A great way to irritate James Bridle is to call the New Aesthetic an art movement.

But damn I love glitch-made-physical-on-purpose.

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Amazing academic appraisal of Papa Sangre that treats the game as composition. Includes this very pleasing comment:

"The sense of danger is surprisingly realistic, especially given the compromises in verisimilitude that are of necessity made by the game’s design. This sense lasts beyond the game, at least for the present author, who experienced a rather unpleasant nightmare that was clearly derived from the gameplay."

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They are here!

That intelligent swarm of bots, that weird thing at the end the the Matrix movies, that autonomous hive mind I have been talking about for the past decade, that Prey of Michael Crichton's novel, those ten thousand buzzing military dust bots in your nightmares.

The prototypes are visible in this video. Next up for the researchers is using 40 quadrocopters to self assemble a 6 meter tower of foam, just to prove to everyone, in case it is still not clear, that swarm bots are now swarming.

I could be deluded, but I find these swarms utterly beautiful. Imagine a flock of a thousand. They would out-wow those swarming starlings.

Fast Transitions of a Quadrocopter Fleet Using Convex Optimization

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It's true -- it's live! is the latest game Somethin' Else made for Channel 4 Education. We're very proud of it. Check it out!
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