You know it wouldn't be me if I didn't try and mess with something like this - just when I needed to be concentrating on something else!

(Like preparing for the actual adventure)

I have sorted the skills into three categories - Learning, Training and Instinct (which would be Mental, Physical and Spiritual if it hadn't been done to death already).

I have moved Credit Rating and Cthulhu Mythos down to the lower right, because they're not the same. CR comes from occupation. CM does whatever it bloody wants to.

Generate Characteristics however you see fit. I don't think it matters. Only time will tell. If you have argumentative players who want parity, opt for point-based or the quick method.

Assign Back Story Skills - all at 40% (you put that number in my head +Paul Mitchener). You can either choose to assign them to the categories however you wish, with 6 in one, 3 in the next and 2 in the third; or, rank the pairs INT+EDU, STR+DEX and APP+POW, then assign them with 6 to the best pair, 3 to the next, and 2 to the lowest.

In practice you don't have to adhere to any set frame for these skills, which is why you might prefer the first open option. Someone might train as an athlete in school, only to later train as a scientist or a diplomat.

Finally, allocate Occupational Skills - with points equal to the pairs stated - INT+EDU, STR+DEX and APP+POW. To follow the book, this should be a spread across 8 skills and you might want to apply a ceiling for fresh characters, such as 75% (see KH p48).

INT+EDU go in Learning, STR+DEX go in Training, and APP+POW applies to Instinct.

Create everything else as per the book, like Damage Bonus and Build (see KH p33).

I have tweaked the skills a bit. I have changed:

Art/Craft -> Arts
Dodge -> Evasion
Drive Auto -> Drive
Lockpick -> Fine Manipulation

And added:

Bureaucracy (admin and red tape)
Chicanery (bull-shitting)
Deception (hand/mouth is quicker than the brain)
Status (officer and a gentleman type stuff)

I think that's it.

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