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Secret Santa starts today!
Add and browse wishlists here:

Today is Thanksgiving. That means it's the start of the season the spread joy, love, and tell the people who've impacted you that you appreciate them. This year for Secret Santa, we've streamlined our process (and website) to make it easier than ever before.

Here's how it works:
- Go to here:
- Sign in with Google on the sign up page.
- Add your wishlist with an explanation of why Secret Santa is important to you.
- Search, browse, and gift your friends or a stranger!

Create your Amazon wishlist here:

Make sure you add a shipping address! Instructions in this video:

New this year – How-to video on managing your wishlists:

If you need any help, remember to + mention Secret Santa or one of our elves:

Kyla Myers -
LaDonna Pride -
Lori Friedrich -

Happy Secret Santa 2015! #GplusSanta #SecretSanta

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Paul Arrowsmith

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Surprisingly fair piece on Jeremy Corbyn in the Spectator. It's a pity that more people couldn't bother to listen to what is really being said, rather than the sad bile of the Telegraph and Mail. 
What strange people we Brits are. We spend years moaning that our politicians are cynical opportunists who don’t stand for…
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Some excellent discussion comments too.
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Paul Arrowsmith

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Ho Ho Ho! We are ready to unveil Phase 1 of Secret Santa for 2015. Our new Developer Elf, +David Butler, has been working hard to get things ready for this season. We are ready to let you register now. Phase 2 will allow you to browse the lists. We hope to have that portion up very soon but in the meantime please start adding your lists here:

FYI - Cookies and Java must be enable. You know how Santa loves cookies!
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Hm, might sign up this year.
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Paul Arrowsmith

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This article points out everything wrong with Osborne's Austerity. The tories are destroying the country, taking from it everything worthwhile.
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Paul Arrowsmith

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Owen Jones makes some good points.

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Paul Arrowsmith

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Philosophy is great for kids. it can really open up the world for them. And there are some great kids philosophy books like the "Philosophy Files" by Stephen Law.
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Paul Arrowsmith

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The UK is now committed to another five years of excessive and ill-directed austerity.
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Paul Arrowsmith

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End of austerity my arse.

Osborne's Autumn Statement Leaves Families £1,600 A Year Worse Off, Says IFS -
Around 2.6 million working families will be an average £1,600 a year worse off as a result of benefit changes confirmed in Chancellor George Osborne's Spending Review, the Institute for Fiscal S
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Paul Arrowsmith

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Brilliant news. It's about time non-religious beliefs are treated equally. 
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Paul Arrowsmith

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Google Aims a $50 Million Moonshot at Curing Heart Disease

CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASE KILLS MORE people on Earth than anything else—over 17 million a year, and the number keeps going up. Of those deaths, more than 40 percent is due to coronary heart disease. Medicine has drugs that can treat it and practices that can help prevent it, but nobody really knows what causes it or how to cure it. Now, Google and the American Heart Association aim to change that by dropping a $50 million funding bomb on the problem. And as you might expect from a Silicon Valley giant that believes in moving fast and breaking things—an approach that hasn’t always transferred well to basic scientific research—the company isn’t spreading the money around.
The Internet search giant sets its sights (and bank account) on developing a way to reverse coronary heart disease.
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Paul Arrowsmith

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Genius, well conceived and beautifully realised. And bloody funny as well.
Polish photographer Pawel Kadysz imagines that Darth Vader is more like us than we might realize. In his series of selfies called Daily Life of Darth Vader, Kadysz shows that the infamous Sith Lord performs many of the same relatable and mundane tasks that we do, such as food shopping and cleaning the house. Sometimes, he likes to enjoy the great outdoors, too. The only difference? He wears an imposing mask. Kadysz has thought beyond Vader’s init...
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Paul Arrowsmith

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Encryption? No just SMS.

Interesting story a out the Paris attacks.
Paris Attackers Used Unencrypted Phones, SMS

In the wake of the Paris tragedy, unscrupulous lawmakers and media reporters have suggested encryption was to blame, is therefore evil, and must be stopped.

As it turns out, though, these 'Masterminds' weren't encrypting their conversations at all, using unencrypted cellphones and plain old SMS text messaging.

Imagine that: real life villains are often dumb and not Agents of Spectre on the cutting edge of tech.

While I'm not one to say this often, I strongly encourage everyone to spread this story, because the liberty destroying counter narrative is certainly already being spread.

Don't let fear make us less safe by forcing us all to electronically leave a key under the mat for the cops, which other bad guys will surely find, too.

#Encryption #Paris #Security
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