On this episode of +Teachers Teaching Teachers, we talk about Connected Learning/connecting-our-learning with +Elyse Eidman-Aadahl and this amazing group of National Writing Project teacher leaders listed here: +Paul Allison, +Chris Sloan, +Clifford Lee, +Fred Mindlin, +Katie McKay, +Chad Sansing, +Meenoo Rami, +Lacy Manship, and +Antero Garcia.

You can see some of what we discuss through the following links:

Read the Connected Learning Principles document: http://connectedlearning.tv/connected-learning-principles

Visit the NEWLY LAUNCHED Connected Learning community site: http://connectedlearning.tv/

Get a summary at Mimi Ito's blog: http://www.itofisher.com/mito/weblog/2012/03/connected_learning.html

And see some of the research through the Connected Learning research network: http://clrn.dmlhub.net/
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