Should We Switch To Crowdbooster?
I learned from a G+ post by +Mari Smith today that Crowdbooster, a Y-Combinator social analytics company with some great investors, went live today after being in private beta since November. Then I found the attached article at GigaOm.

Crowdbooster looks very promising. At FamilyLink we use Hootsuite to manage millions of Facebook fans and tens of thousands of Twitter followers for our various apps and sites, but Crowdbooster seems to offer even more proactive tools for optimizing our campaigns and customer interactions.

What do you think: should we switch? If you have experience with Hootsuite AND Crowdbooster, which do you prefer?

Being data driven may be the single most important factor in the success of online businesses. My personal experience at & and what I know about how Google, Facebook, Zynga, and other insanely successful companies tells me that success doesn't come from luck, it comes from thousands upon thousands of data-driven iterative decisions. And that requires the right tools to get the right data for teams to analyze and act upon. Actionable data is the key. Not data for the sake of data.

Buddy Media seems to be the social media management platform of choice for big brands. They just raised $54 million at a $500 million valuation to grow their sales force. What about for smaller companies? Should they use Crowdbooster, Hootsuite, or SocialFlow?
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