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200 Kaplan employees use Google+ daily for internal communications, including Hangouts.
Kudman said his 400 employees are using Google+ Hangouts for both impromptu and scheduled business meetings. “It’s social inside the enterprise but it’s business oriented,” Kudman said. “Everybody loves it.” He also said he sees the Google+ service, which allows users to send messages and other content, as somewhat of a more efficient replacement for e-mail.
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We dont have 200 employees, but practically all of our meetings are done via hangouts. The ability to call in others by cell phone have made Hangouts a no-brainer. And free? Come on...
I tried to replace email with G+ but my friends resisted it too much. I still think it's a viable alternative though. Glad to hear I'm not alone. 
They better hurry and transition to another service. Don't they know Google+ is a dead ghost town?
Are there any examples of big corporations using Google+ (with or without Google Apps) for internal communications? I'm talking 1000+ employees.
Remember the public Steve Yegge rant against his employer, Google? I wander which steps Google is taking to provide a safe enterprise social media with Google+. These will be needed before large corporations move to G+.
It would be great to have a decent case study, because I see future for the combination of G Apps with G+ integration.
Those Kaplans are so smart. ;)

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