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Experiment: Latest Google+ Post Included in Main Google Search Results Within 20 Minutes

It took less than a minute for my latest post to Google+ to show up in logged-in, personalized search results for Google+ users.

And it took just 20 minutes for that Google+ post to be visible to non-logged in users via the main Google search results. I double checked this by using Chrome to do an incognito search. Here are the screen captures:
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You continue to be a leading (external) expert on all things Google+ ... keep up the good work! :)
That's pretty good propagation, and it might improve further. I don't have the figures for Blogger articles, but I think they are faster still. On the other hand, it is a lot less of them.
just did something similar - inside the g+ minutes - ran the outside test on exp 64bit after more than an hour an zip - not that im in anyway an exp fan but hrmm....
very interesting, great work as always +Paul Allen

Possible for a new user total estimate? Just curious on the impact of search your world.
+Franklin C I hope to post my latest Google+ user estimate tomorrow, in advance of the earnings call on the 19th.
+Paul Allen : In my experience a few weeks ago, my post on blogspot showed up in my search as soon as I was able to switch sites and search for it. Namely the post was there instantanously. However it doesn't work that way always. I can't find my blog posts on tumblr.

While I am at it - Does Microsoft have an affiliated blogging platform?
Thanks for your input.
Wow! That's some pretty fast indexing, Google+.
A bit slower than the minute or so Google indexed Twitter back when they had the feed.
+Paul Allen , As we now are in mid-jan - it would be really interesting to see the results on the number of users on G+. I recall you made a expectation for the number of users between 1st of Jan and 1st of Feb. Are the number of increasing users currently in line with your expectations?

I feel like Google+ is taking us back to the old time web. Cram your posts with keywords, press Post, and you're ranking #1. Relevance, quality, authority are so 2011.
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