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Breaking News: 33% of Google+ Users Are Female

A lot of misinformation about Google+'s male to female ratio is going around Google+ and even being reported on by respectable media sites. For example:

Mashable Headline: Google+ Users Are Nearly All Male:

Forbes Blog: Sex Problems at Google+:

AdWeek: Google+ Is A Boys Club:

All of these articles are based on totally flawed data. Here's why: is a cool site where G+ users can submit their profile to see if they make the top 100 leaderboard. Shortly after launching, the 87% male, 11% female, 2% other stat started making the rounds. But that data is completely skewed: males tend to compete for leaderboard recognition more than females.

Another great site, now indexes nearly 948,000 Google+ user profiles and tracks many data points about the users, including gender. They report that of the first 948,000 profiles they crawled, 74.9% are male and 25.1% are female. But crawling is time consuming and the crawlers were finding the mostly male user profiles from the initial field test seeding. This is not a random sampling.

My surname-based random sampling has shown a very different number. For the first time, I'm publishing it here:

7/4 77% Male, 23% Female
7/7 68.4% Male, 31.6% Female (after the user base had almost doubled)
7/14 66.4% Male, 33.6% Female

Google+ is quickly turning pink.

For comparison sake, LinkedIn, which is a business social network with more than 100 million users is still 63% Male and 37% Female according to Pew (See attached report below). Google+'s female population percentage will likely surpass LinkedIn's in early August. The poster of 18 men in a hot tub that has been passed around for the past week or two is not reflective of reality and is not what Google+ is going to end up being.

Google+ is definitely for men, women, and other. (But not kids....yet)

I'm attaching a link to a fantastic Pew Internet study report showing age and gender breakdowns for all the main social networks. Highly recommended.
According to the new Pew Internet study Social Networking Sites and our Lives there are nearly twice as many male LinkedIn users as female. What gives?
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Good, I am glad to hear that was overblown. I was never sure how it could have possibly been true.
hurray...i am not alone after all :-)
I feel a need to comment if only because I'm a female on google+... gotta represent:)
What happened to that 90/10 split of men to women? :)
Hrmm... Ive been linking a lot of people into my circles and I've personally seen an approximate 2:1 M:F ratio generally... and the genders are apparently clustering off seperately into their own groups anyway...]
lets just all start inviting females abot that ? ;-)
Glad to hear-- commenting to stand and be counted as a female in Google+(can hardly wait for a similar site like "what date did you join Twitter" )
It feels like it is at least 33% female... I see a lot of interaction from the ladies! Just wait 'til it evens out!
Now that gender is no longer a required field to complete upon account setup, is this just best guess??
Unfortunately, that's been my experience with Mashable. Speculation and editorial disguised as news. He tends to like the sensational slant. Doesn't stick to the raw data when he should. 
Considering that the IT industry is predimonately male and that G+ is currently full of a lot of geeky people, is this even really all that surprising? Trying to figure out why this is even news.
I'm female but, alas, not a nerd or extraordinary tech savy, but I am generally very interested in "what makes people tick" and I like to keep up to date on what's happening technology-wise, even if I sometimes have to ask for help. Google+ is a natural place to be:-)
How did you gather your data? I'd expect that only Google would have reliable data at this stage.
Android also started with a similar demographic. I think google's strategy is to attract the techies who then build on their product and attract other users. That's been Microsoft's biggest hurdle... they can't seem to attract developers.
+Glen Wilson In my sampling I'm ignoring the very tiny number of people who don't mark male or female. But yeah, that will make it harder to be super accurate in the future.
+Paul Allen this is not a surprise. I expect the number to increase even more highly very soon.
Kris F
with mandatory gender identification I will often select "male" because of wanting to avoid some of the creepier side of social networking....
How is this breaking news if there's nothing to support it being 1/3 women?
I hope it's going to present just an average of people all around the world.
Thanks +Paul Allen for responding, I appreciate the energy you are investing with G+ related trends and statistics.
Call to Action: Invite more Women....:)
I began looking for other women here on G+ this week, and don't find many. That's just the way the early WWW was, with lots more men than women setting up web sites in the early 1990s. Some, like Kim Komando, have biographies up without any streaming yet. But more will surely come.
Good to see some more sisters here :-)

By the way,@Brent Fishman, where from do you take, that women only will come, when they can play those stupid games? At the beginning, when I also played this farming thing I have seen there far more men than women, by the way.... And before I blocked the Mafia thing there were ONLY men, who invited me to play with them, what I didn't....

I would like, when never ever any of such stupid and nerving apps and games would take place here on google + On Facebook I have blocked them all....
Female present and accounted for!
Hurray! I'm 67% masculine!
Whats the makeup of the remaining 67%....hey you never know
+Travis Fields I don't know if you noticed the "Expand this post" link; I didn't at first. You have to expand the post to see Paul's data justifying the 33% female figure.
I have about 50, 50 guy girl in my circles ratio. Also... my most active friend user is a girl. 0.0
On G+, no one knows your are a dog.
It's only anecdotal, hence mostly meaningless, but the large majority of the people in my G+ circles (and for whom I'm in their circles) are women.
While it is great to hear that the statistic making the rounds that G+ being about 90% male is flawed, it doesn't surprise me that the misinformation continues to go around. I made a 1am rant last night basically saying that all that stat told me was that G+ is a "sausage fest" (to put it nicely), and sausage fests are NEVER cool in the real world unless it literally is delicious sausage.

I hope the gender gap continues to narrow as G+ gets more users and becomes public. Thoughts from both "sides" are always pleasant.
Invite more women to G+ for the good of America....Please queue the song 'God Bless America...'
Why only for America, +Steve Mahoney I thought google + was international... Am from Germany, for example - and a woman... loool
How about queue the song 'We are the World?'.....Running out of global song options....:)
If nothing else, talking about the gender difference on Google+ really gets the comments going.
16/82 people in my circle are women. So, that is about 20% ish....
Oh, I missed the "expand comments" link.

But it still makes no can you tell someone's gender by their SURname?

I'm confused here...
I'm running a Google+ nickname service ( and out of 10,000 people that are using it since launch six days ago, 22% are female. I don't know if that comes into play in the grand scope of things, but those are the numbers so far.
Surely that only shows that 33% of US google + people are female. Weren't you assuming that there are 2.12 non-US accounts for every US account?
Hello! Beta release!
Nothing to do with the fact that computer science related fields have even greater m/f ratio.
I'd bet you'd have close to the same stats for the Beta run of Win7 two years ago. (If you exclude all the "self advertisers" that begged the computer guys to do the circle invite trick after they shutdown the main invites.)
爆炸性新闻:google+ 33%用户是女性
But I dont believe the PEW report which states that 64% of all twitter users are female. I dont trust that
As the writer of the original story on this (June 30), I wish you'd asked me for comment before labeling my work misinformation - fun thing to say for you, somewhat less for me. If you'd read the piece, you would have seen that it was written two days after the service started. It said the sampling was unscientific. It said the proportion varied among users from 1:10 to 1:3. It said this was probably due to the way the invites were released, and the ratios would probably change. Which appears to be what is happening. The concern expressed in the story was that an early skew toward males would set patterns of male-type discourse that would inflect the experience. Patterns like -- let's see -- shooting down people without seeing what they had to say about it.
+forbesblog "Sex Problems at Google+" seriously guys? lame reporting.
Sorry I spoke already. That fine Internet behavior is here.
Doesn't shock me that much. Going through my contact list for G+ does NOT show a 90:10 male/female ratio or anything even close to it.
For background, Facebook has more women than men. Beyond the number of users, women generally tend to use FB a lot more than men. (FB was more female-dominated from very early on). Here's what I'm wondering, will the asymmetrical nature of G+ create a different social dynamic than FB, one that is more masculine? (There are more men at G+ right now for two obvious reasons. One, it is rolling out by snowballing among the techie crowd, a more male group. Second, people who ask for an invite were getting it and that is also a more male trait. (Tons of studies show women are less likely to ask for raises, promotions, etc.) )
I invited my mon to join :)
I invited 30 more women...Where is Cheryl Sanders, the Facebook lady and adult supervisor for Mark Z.
Facebook still leads IMHO for making it easy to meet new people with similar interests. The interests I've found here on G+ are either technology based or personal contacts with one's friends.
+Nancy Sween, that's not so surprising since this is pre-beta and limited; early adopters for this type of site are usually technology enthusiasts. That's going to dominate for some time.
+Gord McLeod do you know if there are plans for making topical searches for people possible? Also it looks like a lot of people don't know how to start a public discussion on their Home page. Will how to post be made more obvious in the future?
+Paul Allen for your sample, are you going through by hand and calculating the male to female ratio or does surname somehow indicate gender based on your census findings?
Hey Paul, can you explain your methodology in more detail? We'd like to write this up for Mashable but we have no details on how you calculated the %. We've also emailed you for details. Thanks!
Xin Li
+Trey Huang I didn't invite my mom to join, nor the rest of my family, and so far that's been the best feature of G+.
Do you mean given name, not surname? Also, note that women are more likely than men to conceal their gender and post under gender-neutral names/nicknames/pseudonyms. However one can draw some conclusions by counting up names that are commonly gendered one way or the other and allowing for the fact that a percentage of people will be presenting under a name that is clearly gendered but not the same way they are. (Hard to tell what exactly that percentage is, though.)

How to get more women on Google+? Robust privacy, prompt enforcement of harassment (which we all want regardless of gender to keep the spammers out anyhow), and the ability to conceal any and all personal details including name and gender, or reveal those only to specified circles.
The gender of my circle inhabitants has never been a concern of mine. I cannot even make a guess. My friends and associates are simply that, they aren' a gender. They are a person. I think that attempting to put a spotlight on such stats merely acts to perpetuate division. It is a meaningless stat. People will use what people will use.
For the advertisers it's interesting to know, how many men and women are here...
Proud G+ female. Woot 33%. I'm shocked it's that high. WTG early adopters!
Please stop saying 'Google numbers' and correctly start saying
'world wide google data based on US census surnames.

And no, having more users is not 'turning it pink'.

[you lost my respect for publishing any of your numbers with 'breaking news' and 'first']
What's the male/female ratio now? Google should just put up a metric to track this....:)
+Miley Cyrus, worth million F's...The day she'll Join...All ladies'll follow her trend and even Google+ will achieve equilibration automatically...:)
Xin Li
Lady Gaga is already here. As was Taylor Swift. But last I checked, her profile was no longer available. Guess she took a look and decided none of her fanbase was here..
I think it's a safe bet those were fake profiles that Google deleted.
Reminds me of the joke... 99% of statistics are made up on the spot. :)
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