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Amazing crowdfunding success on Kickstarter. $3.8M so far. Wait $4.4 million so far.

As you know, records are made to be broken (unless they were made by Wilt Chamberlain). So here, on Kickstarter's own blog is a great recounting of all the previous record setters in the history of Kickstarter:

I believe that if regulation doesn't kill crowdfunding, within a decade or two crowdfunding will rival venture capital and angel investing by providing billions of dollars of funding annually to new ideas and startups.
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This is such a great idea. I can't tell you how many times I've looked down at my watch and cursed it for not performing at least some basic smartphone functions. It's love to see it somehow mated to the Android phone in my pocket, maybe via Bluetooth.
truly amazing story. I wasn't so sure about the concept at first but I see it's potential and clearly people on Kickstarter do too lol
I've literally been telling Sony for years (I have connections there) to get back into bed with Fossil and produce a decent smartwatch to replace the brilliant MBW-150. Instead, they keep producing tacky plastic rubbish.

Then Pebble comes along with the perfect device. I backed the project in the first 2 minutes of watching the video. I would have given Sony £250 for a great 'Tissot-style' touch watch; instead I'm getting close to perfection from the guys behind Pebble for less than £90 (incl. shipping).

No wonder big companies are getting into money troubles or leaving their 'fans' with less-than-brilliant devices. The Pebble is a perfect example of a lean organisation that is able to deliver what people want, and at a good price point too. More companies should operate like this... :)
Invested, had friends invest - my first kickstarter pledge and I can't wait!
+Paul Allen I remember looking at that Microsoft watch back in the day as well, and my first non-Palm smartphone was a Windows phone, which I'd always secretly hoped would have paired nicely with the watch, but the price was prohibitive at the time.

I'm really looking forward to the Pebble. It's a simple device, and that's all a watch really needs to be. I don't need a Dick Tracy device -- my phone is a better tool for playing music, replying to SMS/Email, etc. All my watch needs to do is display high priority notifications and keep accurate time, like an occasional bump from the phone to match NTP.
I just don't get the 'watch' form factor. Am I missing something?
I can see some use for a watch that pairs with a smartphone, especially if it's waterproof. It would be interesting if one of these Morse code texting apps that give you the message with the phone vibration could be ported to a watch.
+Charles Hill pairing with a non-waterproof smartphone might be tricky, considering the practical limitation of 30 feet on Bluetooth connections.
And wow, they're at $5.1M as of a few minutes ago.
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