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Sharing my Circle of VCs - 185 so far. Many haven't posted publicly yet, but hopefully that will change as Google+ grows. Please comment if you know of others that I should add.

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Ooh la la! +Paul Allen Do VC's and Angel Investors see young music artists as start-ups? Because we totally are. ;-)
Sorry, for the uninitiated , what is a VC?
Thank you kindly, Paul! You're the best. :)
Um, when did this circle sharing feature get added?
What you you think about my above question Mr. +Robert Scoble? :-)
Do VC's and Angel Investors see young music artists as start-ups? Because we totally are. ;-)
+Robert Scoble Yea it's amazing. Two things I never knew I was signing up for, when I decided to pursue music and only music as my life/career : Being a start-up/entrepreneur and being a furniture mover (lugging amps and keyboards and guitars around). One I've totally fallen in love with... The other not so much! Although it does sculpt some good arms! Lol!
wtf, where's the select all button? :(

Plus, everytime I click outside an avatar, all of my highlighted profiles are deselected. Sigh.
Thanks for sharing, +Paul Allen , now I have circle called 'VCs', though I know nobody of them. :)

+Tony Hue no selection means to select all ...
new user here..what is 'VCs'? and why G+ is so laggy whenever i load the page, which is never happen on FB..
In a different decade VC would have meant VietCong.
Thanks. First shared circle I've acted on. I have a question, though. Are these really "shared," as in "collaborative," or are they shared as in a copy (i.e., once I accept it, any changes you make will not be reflected in the copy I have)?
+Robert Scoble just posted his Circle of Tech Investors/VCs the other day if you want to mine that. Thanks for posting this!
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