Yes, it's true. We are selling our Provo, Utah dream home. Pulling up roots from this awesome community that generally ranks very high in most of the quality of life lists that come out: best place to raise a family, best place to start a business, best place to build your career. Gallup said earlier this year that Provo is the most optimistic people in the U.S. And Provo ranks among the happiest communities as well. (It's no wonder Utah Valley natives call this place Happy Valley -- because statistically speaking, it's true.)

My wife and I have decided to move our family to the Washington DC area. There are a lot of reasons for this decision, which I won't go into now. But I'm sure I will later. We're making this move later this month.

So, if you know someone who is planning to move to Utah, perhaps a BYU business school or law school faculty member, an entrepreneur, a BYU alum, or someone who wants to be live a few hundred feet away from BYU Football, BYU Basketball, Education Week, CES Firesides, the MTC, etc, please let them know that this house, as of this moment, is for sale. This is my first post about it. Next week we'll likely get it formally listed. But if you want a head start on things, feel free to contact me here. 

Top Ten U.S. Cities for Well-Being:

Most Optimistic Cities in the U.S.:
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