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9 minute video with Eliot Spitzer, Matt Taibbi, and Dennis Kelleher discussing the massive Libor scandal
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Call me when there are pitchforks and torches in the street. Until then, nothing changes. None of our existing institutions can or will do anything about this. 

Every day I feel a closer bond the the people dying in the streets and squares of the Middle East. Time to redefine "us" and "them"
You lost me from your LIBOR-gate posts the moment you wrote "Eliot Spitzer". The guy is despicable in every sense of the word.
So, LIBOR is not a scandal if Spitzer talks about it?
Not at all. It's still a scam, but I have zero tolerance for listening to anything Spitzer has to say about anything.
‎"Court documents filed by Canada’s Competition Bureau have also aired allegations by traders at one unnamed bank, which has applied for immunity, that it had tried to influence some LIBOR rates in co-operation with some employees of Citigroup, Deutsche Bank, HSBC, ICAP, JPMorgan Chase and RBS."
+Derrick Wallner thats a funny quote because it gives anonymity to the bank in one sentence, and then nearly reveals it by naming everyone else in the next lol.
Yeah, considering Barclays is already named, that's almost half of the 16...LOL. 
There are two recent articles on this by Gillian Tett of the FT.

She was also way out in front of the derivatives meltdown by years and one of the first I came across who could really explain it clearly, in language that anyone could understand. She is really worth following.  
Client # 9 is not wearing pants during this set.
The level of engagement on this topic tell me everything about the victim.
Engagement will follow understanding - if you understand then  spread the word as Paul is doing
The 12 banks accused of manipulating the rate are Bank of America, Barclays, Citigroup, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, HSBC, JP Morgan, Lloyds Banking Group, Norinchukin Bank, Royal Bank of Scotland, UBS and West LB.
BBA Libor Panels
US Dollar (USD): 16 Banks
Bank of America 
Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Ltd
Barclays Bank plc
Citibank NA
Credit Suisse
Deutsche Bank AG
JP Morgan Chase
Lloyds TSB Bank plc
Royal Bank of Canada
Société Générale 
The Norinchukin Bank
The Royal Bank of Scotland Group
West LB AG
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