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Welcome new Google+ users!

Experienced +ers, please share this to help out the newbies!

■ A wonderful Startup Guide to Google+ by +Saidur Hossain that has already been translated into 31 languages. This consists of 49 photos/slides that describe how to use the service. It has been shared more than 10,000 times on Google+. **

Google Plus 101: How to Get Started (good blog post for beginngers by Rana Shahbaz): **

The Google+ Guide created collaboratively by users in Google Docs: **

Millions of new users will be joining Google+ in the coming days. The doors are finally open. Google's home page invites everyone (over age 18) to try this service out. But for a new user, whether you have a "best thing since sliced bread" experience or a "ghost town" experience, depends on learning a few simple things and applying them.

Early Google+ users remember how fun it was to discover new features, shortcuts, and tips, and share them with each other. At one point, 120 users collaborated and compiled a Google doc that contained the best tips. There is a link to it below.

Here are some additional resources that about getting started on Google+. Some of them may be slightly out of date because Google+ is evolving and improving so quickly, but I've just reviewed them all to make sure they are still valuable - and they are. Hope they are helpful to you and all your new friends here.

■ The Complete Google+ Cheat Sheet:

■ Smaller Cheatsheet for navigation and editing:

■ Mashable's Complete Guide to Google+ (July 16):

+Craig Kanalley's 15 Tips for Newbies (July 13):

+Keith Barrett 10 Tips for Public Hangouts (Sept. 3):

And finally, here is a run-down by of the major updates that Google+ made to its hangouts yesterday:

More links to additional resources are provided by +Johnathan Chung at

Finally, if you try Google+ and feel skeptical at first, please follow +Tom Anderson who has the best posts nearly every day here on Google+, and also read this excellent article that he wrote for TheNextWeb entitled "How Google+ will succeed and why you'll use it whether you want to or not." (Tom founded MySpace and as guru +Robert Scoble says, "he gets social at a level even I can't approach.")

Google+ is here to stay. It will be a permanent social layer on top of Google's other web properties which are already used by one billion people each month.

By investing a little time and effort to set up and organize your circles and to install Google+ apps on your smart phone, you will soon find that Google+ empowers you to personalize your stream and your sharing like never before.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Please add a comment below if I'm missing a very helpful resource for beginners.
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Just noticed lots of my friends joining in... Interesting
I'll be updating my model each day for the next few days. Can't wait to see the impact of the "open door" and front page link on the Google+ user base. Stay tuned.
FB's most recent "improvement" is sure to drive a new wave of users to G+.
You totally ROCK +Paul Allen - thanks a mil for the time spent on this valuable G+ resource guide.
Nice! I'm going to pass this on the the professors at my next Google+ for Educators meeting.
Nicely done +Paul Allen -- I should include some of this stuff in my tips for my FB friends coming in
Thanks for thinking of the newbies....Coach, Coach, Coach
Great post, Paul! Yes, I'm going to share this with my friends.
thanks fot the info :)
let's hope that it will lead me to remove my fb app :)
+Robert Tewart On Google+, if you have a typo (like you just did) you can just edit the comment and save it again. No need to correct it on a separate post.

Look for the Edit link under your comment.
Thank's Paul for sending out exactly the update I was looking for at exactly the right time!
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Thanks +Paul Allen for the mention and for putting that together. I'm actually in the process of doing a huge update on my collection of resources you posted above. Hopefully I can get it added to soon so I can share it with everyone. Also looking forward to any new updates on G+ stats when you have them :)

If there are any newbies reading this, I'm open to answering questions and helping out, so feel free to drop me a line.
To be honest it's all a bit much in one post to dump on someone but I will be seeding a link a day to my Facebook and G+ starting with the Startup Guide. Thanks for putting it all together!
I just posted this link to my Facebook status--hardly ever go to FB anymore since it's so ugly, and everyone's pretty frustrated over there. Thought this might tempt a few people to move over.
+Zach Mathews If it's boring, it's because you're not following interesting people. Go to the Google+ search window and search for words related to your interests. You'll probably find some fascinating people to follow.
”sorry for my poor english" in our country we all say:"my english is so-so" hahaa....
thx 4 info
cuz i'm newbie in google +
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please help me no one of my friend have Google+
Hi paul thanks for helping for google tips.
Pages and/or Groups (a la Facebook) is still missing from Google+, it seems. That's why I'm still on FB. Also, FB's design is arguably nicer.
Thank you Mr.Paul...G+ tour has been amazing with its new look to even compete with FB i guess....yet there is lot to explore!!!!
+Amy Higdon - If you block someone, they can't see anything you post. You have total control over who you share your information with, including with Google. When you leave you can easily take all your info, data and contacts with you...try doing that on is an interesting experience.
Not bad having 3000+ clicks on that link. thanx for sharing
quand je clique sur a l'exterieur je ne trouve pas de post alors sa il faut le laisser on a tous besoin de se faire de nouvelle connaissances sur google plus et non pas garder ces propres connaissances
c'est a dire a l'exterieur de ces cerles et non pas qu'a ces flux
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