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Will Google+ attract more teens than Facebook?

Mark Solon, co-founder of Highway12 Ventures in Boise, Idaho blogged this morning about how his 13 year old daughter and all her friends are using Google+, not Facebook. On Thursday, a friend from Connecticut told me the same thing about his 15 year old daughter. My 16 year old son loves Google+ and is trying to get his school friends to switch. The best quote from Mark's blog post is this:

Last week, I was lying on the floor of her room doing math homework with her with Rihanna blaring in the background (see my quote above young parents, it’s a new world – she’s a straight A student, who am I to argue with those results?) when I said to her “So you’re 13 now. I’m surprised you haven’t asked me for a Facebook page yet, how come?”

“Facebook? That’s for adults. We use Google +.”

My mind was fully blown. As a VC who is supposed to be spun up on trends in technology, this one caught me as off-guard as Jeremy Lin. I tried as best I could to hide my incredulity and asked her to show me her Google+ page. Sure enough, she and dozens of her friends had the whole thing dialed. Different circles for different classes of friends, the whole shebang.

Try wrapping your head around that. Just a few years ago, Facebook didn’t exist. Now nearly 15% of the people on this planet use it, except that is for my 13 year-old daughter and her group of friends.

He wonders whether his daughter and her friends are a blip or a trend. Interesting question: what do you think?
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Wow i didnt expect that so much teens come to Google+ :O
I say bring it! The teens probably don't want to interact with us anyhow. ;)
Just yesterday, one of my friend tagged me this picture on FB "Nazim Amin this totally reminds me of you =))" because she relied I sleep with Google+ ( sounds odd ) However, as a reply I said I never slept with Facebook.
What I am noticing is teens who join Google+ seem to have a greater amount of intelligence and are very tech savy. But maybe I'm completely wrong, that's just something I think I'm noticing.
Loved the read, your daughter is on to something (;
Teens LOVE video chat, and with google+ u can video chat with multiple friends as we all know, facebook will never be able to do this, not to mention the privacy issues facebook has as we all know.
Facebook seems to be more for show and marketing, while the info on google+ seems deeper than the more shallow FB, although FB looks nicer and sure has a lot more people on it.
Makes sense to me. It's easier to gab in a variety of directions here - target what you say to the ones you want to hear it. That is so Jr. High! The "different classes of friends" is such a big thing in that age group. G+ fits the model of that reality better than FB does.
+Carl Henning Reschke I like the look of G+ way better than FB. I think Google+ is way more clean, organized, and not full of spam and ads like Facebook is.
I think G+ looks much nicer than facebook. I only use facebook to post links to things on G+. Everyone I know is on G+ now instead of facebook. Sounds like the apple vs android thing. Those that are in the know and cutting edge, use android ala G+. Those that are stuck in the last decade use apple ala Facebook.
The thing is: facebook has been around for a while already and for a lot of people over the past years there was only ONE viable option to choose when starting your online presence on a social site. So they started on facebook and have been investing their time and efforts in that site / their page.
But now you have teens who are not committed to any site yet, and they reach the age where they can start. For them, there's the 'old' behemoth that is facebook where the older people are present, and there's the new kid in town that is Google+.
Kids love to go with something new and rebel a bit against their parents, who are all at facebook. So what better thing to do than to choose that 'other' site, i.e. G+ ?
+Alan Den Teens are also humans....and i think they also have the same rights to comment and post public than any other adults... dont make your posts public then...
i surely think they will, it is a trend and it will grow will this kids in that age group till they get older
G+ is not confusing it is just different. Just like everyone complaining when FB makes a change they say "confusing" I really enjoy G+ I just can't wait till the rest of the world starts using it.
actually google+ is better, we just find facebook better coz our mind is used to it...more like if u hand a mac os to a windows guy..
And everyone froze :D

That's a fair point +Emelia Potteiger, but I don't see that much of a difference between FB and G+ in learning curve, if you are completely new to both.
Twitter is picking up with teens now due to the fact there parents, grandparents and family can see everything there doing. It's a privacy and ownership that they want.
There are 2 things teens love. Privacy and Independence. Facebook got popular among teens but as the adults joined they lost those 2 things. Twitter does not allow for enough conversation. With Google+ Circles, teens are able to control who sees what. The Hangout feature is another big draw that will soon start gaining popularity among teens. I expect that in the next 18 months we will be seeing millions of teens been active on Google+ especially because teens are easily swayed by the opinions of their peers
Jon Dye
my problem will be:

once teens start taking over the "what's hot" area of G+, it will instantly become useless to the rest of us.
Even though technically im not a teen yet I have joined Google plus in july. im very tech savvy also as i have contributed to many open source projects and know php, mysql, rails, etc
I sure as hell hope teenagers don't discover this place. I like my thirty and forty-something hangout. I don't mind teenagers, but they tend to do terrible things to the language and talk about a lot of things I can't relate to. I'd like it to stay a grown up place for a while.
+Jon Dye not necessarily. Just don't circle them. What shows up in your stream is determined by who you circle. And what the new volume controls, you can decide how much of what you want to see in your stream
Lol thz hilarious.......I don't even hav a fb
Jon Dye
+Damilola Oni You're wrong. Most of "what's hot on google+" is from people who i have not circled. You just happen to have already circled most of the people what end up there, i guess.
Jon Dye
I don't want to have to stop using a feature i like, because i don't like the content it's providing me.
Besides, the What's Hot stream is already filled with memes and annoying GIFs which are repaeted every few months. What could the teens bring along, that would make it any worse.
I try for months to get my school friends to switch me and my tech savvy co-programmer +Mike Nyland both discovered Google Plus in June.
+Jon Dye you can reduce the volume of Whats Hot to 0. That way nothing from what's hot shows up on your stream.
Weeeird. First I've heard of this. I'd heard that teens were moving away from FB, but I'd thought that it was still towards a combination of text messaging and (at least in Europe) BBM.
Jon Dye
+Damilola Oni I DON'T WANT TO DO THAT. I like what's hot on Google+.

I don't want to have to disable it if it becomes full of teens posting about Lady Gaga or some shit.
Google Plus will soon integrate more Google features into it teenagers are bound to discover it. I was enjoying the peacr and quiet will it lasted.
+Jon Dye The beauty of it is is that content wins out. The "What's Hot" feed is currently a great way to expose users to content they might not otherwise find. It was awesome when Google first rolled it out and many of the users/pages I follow weren't putting out as much content as I like. Now I'm getting to the point where the circles I've cultivated - based on my interests - are pumping out almost more posts/shares than I can handle.

I'd be willing to bet that as the exponential growth of the network continues, many of us early adopters will care much less about the "What's Hot" feed because the very nature of sharing here and the wide array of topics that manage to find their way into our feeds will make it less of a concern.

Maybe we'll all only check the "What's Hot" stream occasionally to see what the kids are up to.
i have a feeling within the next year google+ will surpass facebook!
Jon Dye
+Richard Hawkins I felt like I had to put it in all caps because whoever that was didn't seem to understand what I was saying at all.
Crap... it's startin... ^^
But you're right +Jon Dye, this would be miserable... At the moment the Whats hot Stream is (most times) pretty cool, but if it's starting to contain the same stuff like fb, it's no good to me...
But we still can hope, Google finds a good way, to really bring interesting stuff there
I'm with the 1st comment 100%. I don't want Google+ to become Facebook. I personally like the civilized network.
Jon Dye
I don't mind their coming to G+, +Richard Hawkins, But my style of G+ engagement is not meant for people under the age of 18.

It'd be kind of nice if they put a wall up between the two age brackets so they never had to interact unless they had each other circled.
i dont even really know the point of face book or google plus but i have accounts on myspace and fcebook for the game apps and i only have an account here cuz my xbox needed to be updated and i had nothing better to do but i would like to klnow the point of places like this
Let there be a wall between the teens posting obsessive posts about pro-Justin Bieber riots and the civilized people who don't want this to end up like Facebook or Twitter, millions of obsessive teenagers hacking other peoples accounts because they have a different opinion.
Your daughter seems to be quite an astute young woman, and I do admire her intelligence, and I also agree with another fellow further up the way here, that it seems as though most teens on here seem to be more mature than the ones on Facebook, and I surely hope that is the case, because that is why I came to Google+.... We use Google everything.... for day to day business, personal, you name it! There are a gazillion features to utilize for our business.... My point, I came here to get away from all the teen crap! But I must say, if they are of a higher intelligence (which I believe is due to parental interaction), then I'm all for it! I like to keep up with the times, and teens are a great group to learn from....wish your daughter luck for me, and I hope she keeps it real! Thanx!
+Maruko McCafferty A few points, for business it's huge for google rank and advertising/pleasing customers. For the average person, it's a way to hang out with your friends when they are grounded or have homework and can't leave their home and a plethora of other reasons.
In the beginning Google created Google+.
Google said "LET THERE BE A WALL"
I hope not. Teen need to stay off the computers and read books and stay out of my areas.
Knowledge, understanding, laughs, expanding your perspective and horizons, connecting with really talented and interesting people who you otherwise would never meet in a lifetime...only some of the points of places like this.
My 13-year-old has had a Facebook account for the better part of a year, but hates the Facebook interface. He was ecstatic when Google opened up G+ for teenagers.
to be honest is not about who uses FB or G+ , is about the trends. When Myspace became a trend, almost everyone had one, now look at Myspace. Facebook has become a trend that eventually will fade. Twitter is more to see what happens around the globe. While Google+ is new, so when Google+ becomes the trend FB will eventually fade.
Q Will Google+ attract more teens than Facebook?
A no
Given how you can easily filter your parents out of Google+, I say there's potential.
+Jon Paul Thats the point... On FB you cant (or you dont^^ read somewhere, fb-lists aren't very popular) really choose, who sees what... and I assume, kids don't like their parents to see everything they post.
+Bill Saumarez I'm sorry to go way off topic but I'm really intrigued. Are you a descendent of the famous Admiral Saumarez of the Royal Navy?
My kids (ages 17 and 23) have both bailed from Facebook, as have most of the 17-year-old's friends. They seem to be losing the younger set.
Jon Dye
I don't think somebody really needs to socially network with their own parents.
In most places, this conversation is about "how can we protect children from the Internet?" It's very interesting to me that here it seems to be "how can we protect the Internet from children?"
No one has said but Justin B came up. lol Somewhere else I heard Myspace was resurrecting. Yikes The world is online that is an all ages thing. I think there is room for us all especially with filters. I am not sure it matters who has more of any of us. All the sites offer different things and fail at different things so we use them all variably.
Very interesting. Most of my friends are on Facebook (I'm 41 years old), but I'm also using Twitter, Google+ and Linked In. But I spend most of my social time on Facebook. There are very good vegan groups in Hebrew, I met many friends there.

Since 6 months ago, I and 2 friends of mine are working on an alternative to Facebook and Google+. It's called Speedy Net, and it's about to be launched soon. We hope to be the next trend!
Facebook is perfect for Baby Boomers and late 40-somethings. Compared to the youngsters, they've tons of lost high school buddies, old boyfriends and girlfriends, co-workers, etc. And they tend to be inclined to catch up with cousins they haven't seen in years and their kids, and the rest of their extended families. For all that, you can't beat FB.

I can see the kiddos being a bit unnerved and looking elsewhere, definitely.
You can if you desire..actually "learn" some things here on G+...or you can see what's happening out there..It really has something for everyone...and you design what comes across your screen...pretty much of the time. That's what they make Mute for..or Block if need be.
My teen cousins use Google+ to get away from the tracking by their parents. Their parents have been using, and likely will due to the fact they won't have to rekindle the searches to find old friends/family, so this gives the teens the opportunity to find a means of social networking away from their parents... and their prying eyes.

I think Google tends to get into too many things, but I like what they've done to social networking with Google+, as an adult, I thoroughly enjoy its capabilities and ease of use.
I think it might attract more teens, I'm not sure yet.
I'm talking from expirence.
I am sitting here with my 13 year old daughter and one of her friends, they would much rather use Facebook and Tumblr, Google+ is too nerdy, so she says.
Facebook was doomed as soon as businesses and the like started saying "like us on facebook" in their ads.
Jon Dye
that's my exact point. I can pick up the phone and call my parents any time. the people I use social networking to interact with, i can't say the same about.
"Won't somebody save us from the children! WON'T ANYBODY THINK OF THE CHILDREN?"

Fascinated. Seriously fascinated.
I'm for long as there is a part for teens and a part for adults. If my son wanted to get on G+ I would let him..I trust G+ much more than fb..I have seen some things teens shouldn't see on FB ..
Psh. I personally only come to google + out of pure bordem. In fact I sometimes forget the app is on my phone. None of personal friends use g+
I highly doubt it if everything about Google+ not being as popular as originally expected it is true.
got to tell you that I'm getting tired that my Facebook page is full of popping adds, kind of reminding me the early dyas of the internet but probably most of the current users were too young to remember.
At my college of ~400, there are maybe 40 who use Google+, less who actually know how to use it well. I'm the only one I know who uses it exclusively. Most of the rest use Facebook.
I don't really think these kids see the difference between the 2 social sites. On facebook I know all my "friends" well, and they really don't do what I do. On google, no clue who half of them are, but we share interests, and hobbies. The main thing i like about google is that I don't see 1,000 comments on the companies I have circled. Where on face that company post is so out of control with trolling, racist, biast, random Internet people who post for reactions, it kills it for me.
I have two teenage sons and hardly any of their friends use g+ but they are migrating to twitter.
This is why we can't have nice things.
My son is 13 and he gets on Moshi monsters LOL. U have to know the maturity of your child. If I thought he was mature enough and he asked I would let him get on here. I agree though U need to know if your child is mature enough. Some 13 year old's are some aren't..
myself I don't get the whole twitter thing. I have account never use it anymore..
The question is, what will repel them?
I hope a trend. My cousin's son has a Google+ page but is not allowed to have a Facebook one.
I guess it depends on what site kids (and their friends) who are just coming of age decide to join. If Google is successful in convincing kids/teens that they're "the cooler thing" or whatever maybe it could take off with them.

I personally don't see what the "we're all doomed" thing is about younger folks joining G+. Doesn't the network need younger folks to join if it's to survive? Plus, the beauty of circles is that we can be more granular with our friends lists' here, too. :)
I'm very surprised by this. I'm a fairly tech-savvy teen, but I'm the only person I know who uses G+ consistently, and that's because I decided to stop waiting for my generation and start interacting with older and more intelligent people (who I find far more interesting). I have a circle for people I know "In Real Life," but almost nothing ever happens on it. I find Google+ very appealing, which indicates to me that most people my age don't/won't.
+Callum Davis Some were joining under fake birthdays; I know a few who did this. Others were 18-19, who are still technically teenagers but were above the age limits for Google+.
Is anybody out there? Hello. Anyone?
lol I love this thread. I'm 16 year old G+ user and I agree that facebook and twitter have unfortunately fell from grace due to the rubbish that people "like" and the silly things that they post about celebrities and ppl I don't care about. I still use facebook though due to all my friends/family being on there...I only have two friends that use G+! Anyway I love the maturity and civilness of the G+ community, I hope it doesn't go "mainstream" and get filled with garbage like the other social networking sites.
I'm with +Sam Whitefield I am the only person I know that uses G+. I enjoy reading articles and other things that make me think. I don't want to read people argue back and forth over a social media community about your typical "high school drama." I have never had a FaceBook page, and I never will. I refuse to waste my time by "facebook creeping" like I see many of my counterparts do on a daily basis.
I'm on both facebook and G+, and I agree that G+ is more user friendly. Facebook is getting way too many 'bells and whistles' and now has an attitude of 'to hell with the users, they're getting what I want to give them' and 'keep fixing it till it's broke'. The real pity is I've only convinced a few friends to transfer. I don't trust that timeline thing. Looks like an identity-thief's best friend. As soon as that is forced on everyone, the only thing I'll do there is a few games.
I like FB better because I don't have Google employees posting propaganda on my wall like this.
Hard to say for sure. I say that we'll have to wait and see.
No. Trust me here, as a teenager myself it's sort of lame. We don't want to follow all the opinionists. We want our friends and what our friends bring.
i think that google will attact more because facebook you cant get until ur 13
If Google+ get's filed up with kids and teens we will see more of status like
+1 my status for a TBH
I just came back from the shopping mall.
These will all end up in the 'What's Hot' page
and G+ will die out.
I disagree that Facebook is for adults, Its for kids that want attention. G+ is to seek knowledge and find out more about your interest 'Sparks' which seemed to disappear.
That's the main reason I came here and left Facebook
"Facebook? That's for adults. We use Google+."

Oh wow. That's just awesome.
I sure hope it does. Facebook is EVIL!!
+Jesse Vollmer It seems sad that we don't know anyone who uses G+, but thinking about it... 9/10 of the people I know aren't very interesting. If they were on G+, they'd just turn it into another Facebook. I use Facebook to keep updated with people I know outside of the internet, but I find G+ usually has more interesting content.
Facebook is overrated and their phone updates never work like they say. Why fuss with fb and stay connected with Google +
I think it is great that teens are discovering G+. This is what the Circles are for!

If you don't want to see teen generated content - THEN YOU DON'T HAVE TO!

However, I can put my children in a circle and post racy stuff I don't want them to see on G+ without fear. They can post stuff to their friends that I will never see. It is much easier to use than the "list" feature of fB and the Hangout feature is perfect for teens!

I welcome all users to G+ - what matters to me is CONTENT!
My main question I search prior to circling someone = Does the person write about things that I am interested in.

I would like to see G+ adopt a feature that allows a user to select a checkbox if their comment/post is "mature." Then, if we choose to make a rated "R" or above comment/post - we don't have to worry about minors seeing that information.

Otherwise, welcome ALL! including teens!
The "Hangout" is probably one of the main reason teens loves G+, you can video chat with 10 of your friends, it's easy and you can meet more friends. And not only teens...I like that option too I just think it's great.
Well, I've been using social networking since my first computer, a Commodore 64. Back then you had a black screen with green letters. And modems used baude, not 'k' or 'gigs'! LOL!
good on u mate that is a great idea, facebook is just heart breaking my sis's facebook she has deleted it at least 5 times, because of everyone on facebook. curse facebook forever
well i am a kid and all my friends but my parents wont let me get one so i got a google+ and love it!
I never had a Facebook, never will.
i'm just TIRED of switching every few years.
Doubt it. It doesn't have the same kiddie appeal
I think when kids figure out that they have more control over privacy then facebook or will be huge. All it takes is parents facebook stalking their kid.
Oh, yes. I'm a child in a sense.
I believe that your data collection is extremely limited. I also believe that Facebook will have to do something that pushes people away for a majority of internet uses to migrate over here to Google+. I use both but am on Facebook more because that's where most people have stayed. Just my opinion tho.
kids will be kids ya know?
I think the teens are on to something; if all of my friends weren't so old or old fashioned :), I wouldn't be on FB either. 
You'll know they're here when "World of Warcraft" or "Chuck Norris" start to trend :-)
im just saying im a teen.......
hey i think this is true because my 14 yr old friend know wants googl+
Hopefully when G+ "Assuming direct control, Facebook" That the What's Hot section will be more focused based on Personal Interests so then people don't start complainin' like a Facebook update.
I only, at 69 (in May), hope not! I was on FB. I am here for awesome photographers!
Funny, I've read elsewhere that G+ was more for adults while FB was for teens.
yep. Integration with YouTube and other G apps adds alot more value. FB is the new Myspace trash heap. Lolz to the FB investors!
+Paul Allen Would you agree with the premise that Facebook has peaked and is possibly beginning to enter the gradual downward gradient of its PLC ?
I cancelled my FB account just before that awful Timeline came up. Hate the dictatorship of FB. I'm happy on G+. It's been said several times here, G+ is much cleaner, no ads and stuff, interesting stuff to find, new things to learn and people to meet. And I don't mind younger people coming on here, and older users here shouldn't bother but rather embrace their presence. Who knows what we can learn from them, don't you think...just my humble opinion :-)
Why are they even talking about facebook on Google+ is google run by Mark to.
awesome assessment Michael...LinkedIn and Google+ are way more classy and Facebook is soon becoming a place for ghetto'ish and narcissistic people who keep posting about themselves. I am slowly phasing myself out of FB.
Honestly ....i do love the peoples on google+ alot...very interesting peoples & topics
My 15 year old does not use it yet...she does not know if her friends do or not so I assume not. I do not see it going away anytime soon however.
I hope not. Don't want the Lms and frigging duck face pictures
Jon Dye
no, the issue is the "what's hot on google+" once a bunch of stupid teens start taking it over.
I'm guessing kids are there because so few parents are. You saw the stats about how many "users" have never even posted, right?
I use google cause I can hang out here all day. On facebook you can't hang out there cause they'll judge you. Google you can hang out, in fact google encourages it. That's cool. I love it.
I didn't realize Facebook was considered for adults. Weird, with all those games, virtual gifts etc., I find FB immature.
+Anne Allen Since January of this year the minimum age requirement has been dropped to 13, that's why.
Since when does being an adult have anything to do with age :P 
Paul, I really do not think Google + will be more popular than Facebook with teens. There may be something more popular than both with teens, however. I expect something to catch the teen whimsy rather than hanging out at FB with a bunch of old fogies. Something that will be an immediate hit but with lasting appeal, something with qualities of Xanga, My Space, and FaceBook but inspired by tomorrow technology for tomorrow's teen to utilize today. Regards:-) PS: I am not sure that Google + will be a hit with any group; maybe it just takes more getting used to than some other sites...
Everything has a beginning and an end. Facebook has been #1 for years, but it has never been perfect. G+ is better, more functional, less commercial and cooler. There are some little things to improve but I'm sure the G+ team will do. Teens ain't stupid, bit by bit they will change to G+ and I am trying hard to convince my fb buddies to do so.
But if my daughters (both adults, I grant you) were not on Facebook, I would not be there. 99% of my use of it is to keep up with them and what they are doing.
Facebook is the new MySpace sooner who knows Google + will be the new Facebook lol Idk
Man o man i thought good plus was going place for Use Adults not Teens some time they cause so much drama i will refused to Add any on under 18 even if just for games . Teens have twitter, My Space , Facebook . Google Plus just should be for adult. a social network just adults
ya because it is a amazing and best social network site. among all
Google+ isn't always blocked by the gfw, but it's very slow, and the connection isn't stable. Facebook is blocked 24hours a day. I have a feeling G+ is going to get blocked sometime later, though.
will google + attract more opossums than national geographic?
My prediction: Google+ will win out in social over Facebook in the long term. For any business to stay successful, it needs a sustainable competitive advantage. Facebook has never really had one over Google (sheer number of users doesn't count). On the other hand, Google does have a significant competitive advantage: the myriad of Google services and the Google and Android ecosystems. For Facebook to stay the biggest, it really needs to compete not just with Google+ but with Google as a whole, which is a big, big ask.
i am a teen and i love should be for all as we enjoy equal rights and as far privacy is concerned....we have circles
There are so many Facebook users that ar unhappy because of privacy and other issues that Google+ has a huge opportunity if they can find a way to balance the need of adults while protecting kids from adult material,
facebook is better ;) xx and imma teen
Teens make a social website stand out ;) gotta luv us
It’s all very simple.
You stay on Facebook for family and friends and you use Google+ to make new friends, engage with strangers and network. At least for now.
Facebook is so dumb with their policies that they punish you for making new friends or post anything beyond a “G” rating.
Google+ allows you engage different types of people with different circles and you can post pretty much anything that you want, including porn (against G+ policy), if you keep it within a circle that won’t report you.
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After all teens are what makes the world go round!!:)
"Teens are human" that is definately debatable, you must not have one! Teens are entitled to their "rights" , but they are not adults and as their parents it is our responsibility to know what they are doing and they are safe doing it. Teens think they are invesable, as do some adults. Just sayin' ...
G+ FTW... I just hope the content stays good and it doesn't turn into some type of popularity contest like FB. That's why I moved tired of the lame ass quizzes and games on FB. When I log on to FB I feel like I'm back in high school. Please G+ do not let the teens overrun this place as well.
Wouldn't put it past. Teens are constantly after the next new thing. Its like a revolvig door. Remember that thing called Myspace?
My teens are on G+, keeping FB only for "legacy" friends. G+ looks better, has privacy, and quality content. They aren't stupid...
The September That Never Ended, Part Whatever.
Perhaps.. I'm much more into g+ rather than facebook anyway. G+ is just way cooler!

In Indonesia, G+ hasn't been much of a trend, and ppl here tend to follow the latest trend~ perhaps that's why there ain't many among my friends who actually use g+
Among my friends, it's ppl who are much more computer literate (like to overall new technology development) that tend to use G+ more, while those who are only interested for new mobile development (blackberry especially, i.e. current trend here) tend to use fb more
G+ needs more users or it will die. It can't survive on geekblood alone.
I like G+ for the fact that I can read peoples' opinions and insights about anything (this thread being one example). I think the hangouts capability will attract the teen base as a collaborative tool for school projects (I wish I had video hangouts when I was in high school).
I think that with G+ being a secure website that is part of Google it is more difficult for web filters at schools to block, so kids are more likely to be able to use G+ at school than Facebook
Please tell that to my friends. One of them remarked to me, "Oh, you use that other Facebook wanabee."

I, of course, replied: "It's not a copy of Facebook! It's just something so amazing you will be awed by the tremendous brilliancy it shines with on the hour of glory and splendor of the web of souls, and all your brethren shall worship its..."

Ah, OK, so I didn't say exactly that... but you get the point. ;)
Iys sad to say but sucessful and be what G+ can be teens need to be a part of it. Not saying i want a stream full of them. Just saying from a real view.
not only teen's. say everyone.
I've never liked facebook. Not once in my life. But my entire life started when i first logged into a computer, and Google was my first addiction. Amen Google+.
I'm a teen I Google plus is way more handy than Facebook. I learn more and my friends occasionally hangout to complete school work...
Thing is that google plus is supposed to be 18+ only
Good point about privacy. A lot of "teens" I know avoid their parents on facebook or just block them... which is kinda complicated and leads to discussions with the parents ;-) But in gerneal I think teenagers want to do something new. I wonder how the IPhone distribution has changed demographical, also there I have the feeling the customers are getting older while young ppl. search for something different. I mean it's not that cool to have the same phone as your parents.
Hey does anyone know who kaylee duck is??

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