Will Google+ attract more teens than Facebook?

Mark Solon, co-founder of Highway12 Ventures in Boise, Idaho blogged this morning about how his 13 year old daughter and all her friends are using Google+, not Facebook. On Thursday, a friend from Connecticut told me the same thing about his 15 year old daughter. My 16 year old son loves Google+ and is trying to get his school friends to switch. The best quote from Mark's blog post is this:

Last week, I was lying on the floor of her room doing math homework with her with Rihanna blaring in the background (see my quote above young parents, it’s a new world – she’s a straight A student, who am I to argue with those results?) when I said to her “So you’re 13 now. I’m surprised you haven’t asked me for a Facebook page yet, how come?”

“Facebook? That’s for adults. We use Google +.”

My mind was fully blown. As a VC who is supposed to be spun up on trends in technology, this one caught me as off-guard as Jeremy Lin. I tried as best I could to hide my incredulity and asked her to show me her Google+ page. Sure enough, she and dozens of her friends had the whole thing dialed. Different circles for different classes of friends, the whole shebang.

Try wrapping your head around that. Just a few years ago, Facebook didn’t exist. Now nearly 15% of the people on this planet use it, except that is for my 13 year-old daughter and her group of friends.

He wonders whether his daughter and her friends are a blip or a trend. Interesting question: what do you think?
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