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Paul Allen

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Rsrrsrsrs… . Oh my god!!!!very good!!!**
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Paul Allen

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About 3 weeks ago I heard that the average American consumes 22 teaspoons of "added sugar" every day.

Visualizing that in my mind led me to stop eating foods that contain added sugar in any form. I'm on day 17 of "no added sugar." The first thing to go was my craving for anything sweet--all my standard snacks, cereals, etc. The second thing to go was 5 far. I feel so much better, and so much more in control.

So today, I'm sharing this infographic in hopes that someone else will take a minute, visualize the amount of sugar they are consuming, and take the simple step to do something about it.
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I just started this as well and after getting past a three-day headache (I'm sure I ate MORE than the average amount of sugar) I'm feeling MUCH better!!
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Paul Allen

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We're two years into a 100-year study of how to make people happier and more productive.  I shared some of the early findings in this article.
A new longitudinal survey seeks to quantify worker satisfaction, teamwork, and more.
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Paul Allen

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Intrapreneurs: this is for you/us

Another masterful post by Steve Blank:
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Paul Allen

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I don't get the logic of the headline. Okay, I might use this startup once today, but if I have to ship a package next week, I don't see how this company will know unless I call them a second time, and so on. This is not a "one call and you're done forever" deal. The most you can say is that calling them simplifies the process of shipping.
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Paul Allen

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Prior Art: Steve Austin--the Six Million Dollar Man--had an occular implant version of this, with telescopic capabilities.
If you thought Glass presented privacy issues, wait till you hear about Google's latest patent application. It outlines details of a camera-equipped contact lens that can snap a photo with the blink of an eye, and also offer help to the visually impaired.
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dadadadadada (the sound of bionics) :-)
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Paul Allen

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I've stood on the spot where this first cell phone call happened multiple times. In awe. I also heard Dr. Martin Cooper speak in San Francisco in 1999 at a wireless developers conference.

60 Minutes did a nice piece on Dr. Cooper a while back:
And again, what a long, strange trip it's been:
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yes I had the brick and the battery lasted for days.....
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Paul Allen

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I really like this data visualization of 2013 US Federal Spending from AEI

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Paul Allen

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If you miss Flappy Bird, look what my son just released into the wild. He's in high school, so yes, this is a proud father moment.
Guide a farm-pig through a series of fences by tapping the screen!Inspired ...
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Haha! I love the name too. I'm downloading it now!
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Paul Allen

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Teachers Are Relatively Very Happy 

I'm talking about identifying talents in teachers and students to 85 school principals and administrators today. They have responsibility for more than 20,000 K-12 students. Glad I have so much Gallup research to draw from. Including this very positive item that shows teachers have the 2nd highest well-being scores of any occupation in the United States.
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Falls Church, Virginia
Provo, Utah - Orem, Utah - Los Altos Hills, CA - Raleigh, NC - American Fork, Utah - Highland, Utah
Google+ unofficial statistician. Founded Serial Entrepreneur. Strengths Evangelist for Gallup.
Paul Allen "The Lesser"

Serial entrepreneur. Married for 24 years to a brilliant and beautiful actress. Life-long monogamy rocks. Eight awesome kids. 16-year old son plans to work for (or run) Google someday. He already runs the largest Nexus 7 owner community on Google+. :)

After 22 years as an entrepreneur, I now work for Gallup, evangelizing strengths psychology to individuals and organizations everywhere. My Top 10 Strengths are: Learner, Input, Ideation, Intellection, Strategic, Analytical, Competition, Achiever, Activator, Futuristic.

My favorite topics are Google+ and Facebook as Platforms, mobile and social app development, internet marketing, entrepreneurship, technology innovation, incubators, tech IPOs, the business of genealogy, education technology, transparency in government, financial regulation, the danger of OTC derivatives, restoring Glass-Steagall, and when the world needs an emotional pick-me-up, video clips of Jimmer.

Politically I'm an anti-partisan Independent who believes that our political system (both parties) has been corrupted by big money, gerrymandering, and the loss of critical checks & balances. My political slogan is "I seek not for power, but to pull it down."

I proposed a "Git Repository for Legislative Markup" at the Facebook Congressional Hackathon in 2010. Every word of every law ought to be traceable to the elected official who authorized it. 

Fan of Lawrence Lessig and Buddy Roemer. Attended No Labels kick off in NYC in 2013. Am hopeful it will do some good. 

Someday I'd love to be the Librarian of Congress:

All Congressional Research Service reports should be freely available to the public, and a social network should be built on top of it (and THOMAS) so citizens can weigh in on every important issue facing the legislature.
Bragging rights
1) Accurately predicted the early growth of Google+ using surname data from the U.S. census 2) Attended original f8, shook hands with Mark Zuckerberg, then bet my last company on Facebook Platform, we built an app that attracted 80 million users 3) Perfect score on the math portion of the ACT 4) personal best is 53 consecutive free throws 5) Have founded 3 Inc. 500 companies 6) read Atlas Shrugged, 1984, and Brave New World over the holidays
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