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Paul Ajlouny
NY Personal Injury, Car and Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyer, Attorney, Law Firm
NY Personal Injury, Car and Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyer, Attorney, Law Firm

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The upper level of the George Washington Bridge is closed in both directions due to police activity

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New York - Con Edison Reaches $153 Million Settlement Over Deadly 2014 Harlem Blast #NewYork #ConEdison #Settlement 

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*A win for Snapchat in crash lawsuit tied to speed filter*

Wentworth and Karen Maynard sued Snapchat and the driver, Christal McGee, in April, saying McGee was trying to reach 100 mph on a highway south of Atlanta when her car hit theirs, sending it across the left lane and into an embankment. The collision in September 2015 left Wentworth Maynard with brain damage.

The dismissal by Spalding County State Court Judge Josh Thacker on Friday leaves pending the claims against McGee, who allegedly hit them while using a Snapchat filter that puts the rate at which a vehicle is traveling over an image. #snapchat

According to court documents, McGee Snapchatted “Lucky to be alive” from a stretcher after the accident. #accident

“We disagree with the Judge’s ruling that the Communications Decency Act provides Snapchat with complete immunity for its negligent actions,” Naveen Ramachandrappa, a lawyer for the Maynards, wrote in an email. He added that they are considering an appeal.

The judge found that the claims against Snapchat were barred by the immunity clause of the 1996 Communications Decency Act, which says, “No provider or user of an interactive computer service shall be treated as the publisher or speaker of any information provided by another information content provider.”

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*NASCAR settles lawsuit with fan injured at 2013 Xfinity race*

Allen Davis sued NASCAR and Daytona's parent company, International Speedway Corp., in November 2015. The Florida man was sitting in the upper deck and, according to the lawsuit, "was struck in the head by a heavy piece of debris and suffered a catastrophic, traumatic brain injury." #nascar #TMI #braininjury

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On June 11, 2016, the Neuners died almost instantly when their car crashed into a concrete barrier at an estimated 45 mph. According to the lawsuit, the Neuners, residents of Pinellas Park, were traveling to watch the sunrise at Withlacoochee State Park. Mr. Neuner was driving northbound in the far-right lane of the Veterans Expressway when the vehicle struck the barricade owned by GLF. The lane is normally exit-only, but it appeared to continue, the lawsuit claims.

The complaint alleges that GLF and Sema were hired by the Florida Department of Transportation to widen the highway, and were responsible for maintaining proper traffic cones, signs and other directional devices. Court documents state that barrels and “Road Closed” signs were positioned near the exit some time before the collision, but were removed at some point and never replaced. #collision #lawsuit #fatalaccident #fatalcrash #roadclosed #crash

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Apple sued over car accident linked to texting

Claiming that he was hit by a woman who was distracted by her iPhone, a California man insists that Apple should have a lock-out mechanism on all its phones.
#Apple #caraccident #iphone

Distracted driving is an enormous problem. The lawsuit, however, accuses Apple of causing "the death of approximately 312 Californians each year." Ceja's lawyers translate the Federal Highway Administration figures and Apple's market share as meaning that "at least 52,000 automobile accidents in California [are] caused by Apple's iPhones each year."

Government figures suggest that in 2014, 3,179 people were killed, and 431,000 were injured in crashes involving distracted drivers. #crashes #distracteddriving #automobileaccidents

But if something is to be done, what should it be? Highway deaths are up by 10.4 percent in the first half of 2016. 

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*What’s Next for the California Intersection Blamed in $27.5 Million Verdict?*

Drivers have a right to expect that the government strives to provide safer roadways. Unfortunately, the government is often not up to the task. It’s unfortunate that it isn’t until lives are catastrophically altered that change happens. Why does it take a serious or fatal accident, followed by a lengthy litigation process, to improve road conditions –especially ones that have been known for years to be dangerous? In the end, what is more cost effective – designing safer roads or paying for driver damages? #saferoads #fatalaccidents #roadconditions

Caltrans was ordered to pay $27.5 million to a former UCLA offensive lineman who lost part of his left leg below the knee in a 2012 motorcycle crash. #motorcyclecrash

A similar scenario played out last year when a jury awarded $23.7 million to the family of a scientist who was killed when his motorcycle struck a vehicle inching out into traffic at a blind corner in San Pedro. Jurors found the city of Los Angeles 95 percent liable for the man’s death. In that case, attorneys noted that the city did not implement planned visibility improvements until after the fatal accident.

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