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Stealth Islamic Propaganda Shown to Six Million American Students –
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Well, dont worry about that sister...we faced it all the time here in Indonesia: fanatics stopped sunday services @ churches, christians were attacked, churches burned down, etc. We scare no more about that. Instead, we pray for them since they do not why they doing it. And we can do much more outside church buildings....we can visit them as friend and pray for many Islam families. Most of them were open minded. We bring great love of Isa to them, and they accept it :)
+Arti Lee I feel for you...and am sorry to hear what the fanatics are doing to Christians in Indonesia and other parts of the world. I don't want to see this happening in the US. We need to keep this creeping anti-American movement out of our schools&out of our Constitution. They have already tried to use sharia law in our courts&some judges have allowed it. Sharia law violates our Constitution.

Islam is not really a religion but a political ideology, more like Nazism or Communism. It oppresses women and anyone who does not convert or bow to Islam. We can not allow it to come to our country&be considered acceptable. I hope you are able to reach more and get them to see the truth. Allah is not the way&he is not the God of the Bible. There is only one true God and that God sent His only son to die for our sins.

Christ did not do the sinful things Mohammed did while on earth. Mohammed is/was not a prophet of God, he was more a follower of Satan. No prophet of God would force young girls to marry him& have more than one bride. Not to mention teach people to hate others if they do not convert. Christ never threatened anyone's life to get them to follow Him. God condemned sinners and those who didn't believe were punished in the Old Testament. After Christ died for our sins, we were promised salvation if we follow Him and repent for our sins. Those who follow 'Allah' and the teachings of Mohammed are being misled and taught to kill and disrespect women and anyone who is considered an infidel. See this post for more:
Dont be sorry for what occurred on us :). Hard times have sharpened our spirit sensitivity to see God's work in every conditions. And it really amazing :D
From what I saw, many Islam didnt understand what was written in their Qoran. Fanatics leaders emphasizes only on violence verses, and 'hide' verses that explained the Godly destiny of Isa/ Jesus Christ. While we revealed this to them, they were surprised and get confused...some became critical to Qoran and questioning their faith. Some were experienced Theofani/ Christofani and opened their heart to Isa.
The key is: be sensitive to what Holy Spirit revealed to churches (Rev 2:7). Keep praying and trust that this is the time when God works amazingly...through secret methods that revealed only to those who have a close relationship to HIM