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Good to see a modest Catholic woman won the Miss USA pageant especially after they opened it up to transgenders...
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bobby, you sound like the nazis, trying to impose your values on the rest of us!
This is terrible news.  What a screwed up world.  It won't be long till people will tolerate anything.  Those people who say stuff like this is OK, but other things aren't are totally unreliable.  The only solution is to adhere to a higher authority's law... like the Bible, for instance.
+Steven Wright I'm confused, what's terrible? That a Catholic won or that the pageant allows transgenders to enter?? Thanks +Mike Lowry ,I think... :)+bob newheart  how is this a right wing Catholic issue?? She happens to be Catholic and she won, what's wrong with that?? I agree +Smiley Rose I'm glad they chose someone with some talent, modesty&beauty. The last one turned out to have a substance abuse problem and had family affiliated with the Islamic Hezbollah jihadists.
+Patty Garza , what I think is terrible is that our culture is becoming an "anything goes, anything is acceptable" culture.  Descent into depravity is inevitable when an anything goes mentality becomes the majority point of view.  Transgender pageant contestants in a woman's pageant contest?  That's what I find to be terrible.  Repulsive, actually.  I would normally be interested in tuning in on occasion to a pageant, but not anymore.  The fact that we (as a culture) consider transgender surgeries to  be acceptable and even appreciated is something that grieves me, too.  It's absolute evidence of an extreme discontentment with one's life to go to such extremes to seek whatever it is transgender people are seeking.
"But godliness with contentment is great gain."  1 Timothy 6:6
Im surprised +Patty Garza thinks good catholic girls are all for transgenders entering the Miss USA contest. Im not catholic but would think they would have a different stance. Trump's probably opening to everyone to avoid getting sued.I think Trump may have alienated some of his conservative followers and would have helped the miss usa pageant by holding it for women only. If you allow transgenders, why not transvestites or men? Then it really wouldnt be Miss USA.
+Mike Patty  I'm not for transgenders entering the pageant but I am not Donald Trump to decide. I think he should have stuck to his principles and left the rules in place which required you be born a female, not altered. I don't think they should allow anyone who has had plastic surgery to enter, including breast enhancement,sex change ops,etc. Let natural beauties win&their personalities shine through. Thankfully the transgender didn't win and didn't even make the finals. I am happy a good Catholic woman won though! 
I dont think there was one in the pageant...I think there was one in the miss universe canada. Is the rhode island a "good catholic woman" if she's all about sex changes and supports the glbt movement?
+Mike Patty she doesn't support it, the headline is misleading. They meant to say she won, even after the Miss USA pageant supported transgender beauty queens.
When I read the article, it seemed pretty clear to me that Miss RI supports the decision to allow transgendered people into the pageant.
I think people frequently lack the courage to stand up to the onslaught of public critique if/when they profess to disagree with the rightness or wrongness of a topic. (allowing sex-changed people into a pageant, for example).  In other words, a courageous woman who didn't believe the new policy was acceptable would say as much.  The non-courageous woman would try to find a way to satisfy both sides, without rufflling anyone's feathers, so to speak.
According to her quote in the article +Patty Garza , she says she "accepts" that so many people look to surgery to find a happier life. No where does it say she thinks surgery or becoming a transgender is a bad idea. To me, she comes across as endorsing transgenderism and surgery as the answer to one's internal issues and the key to happiness. 
Ooops, my mistake +Mike Lowry and +Steven Wright I somehow missed that quote in the article and skipped to the paragraph about her playing the cello. Wow, now I am a bit disappointed she didn't stick to her faith&principles on the issue. She should have said "beauty is in the eye of the beholder and that natural beauty is always best', or something like that.  Her quote to the pageant officials that 'beauty is found in the way you treat others' would have been a better response to that question as well. She should have left it at that.