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FNC’s special report opened tonight with a story from the washington examiner called The Man Behind the Image — fact checking Obama’s past. Very revealing about his days as a law professor, privileged upbringing etc:

Bottom line: most of the stuff in Michelle’s DNC speech was pure BS, and his students did NOT respect him as a teacher.
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After 12yrs as a law lecturer, only 1/3 of his students recommended his courses!! He was among the lowest ranked and didn't write any significant work, like other professors and lecturers. LOL
He was a horrible teacher and lived a privileged life in Jakarta,Hawaii and in Hyde Park. As a lawyer he represented slum lords who took advantage of poor people.

Obama's clients were slum lords who left poor w/o water&heating and were only fined $50 under Obama's counsel! He supported blacks moving up and poor blacks were left out!

Valerie Jarrett was another slum lord;they were never interested in helping the poor only taking advantage of them. As a state Senator Obama rejected taking risks to challenge the 'Chicago machine'.

Like Daley, Obama hired allies from Chicago and all of them were former Daley allies. Jarrett, Axelrod and Rham Emmanuel were all part of the Chicago machine. Obama bundelers received the most stimulus and support, including unions&most were Democrats.
Come on Patty, your are forgetting that he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.  <drum roll, cymbal smash>