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US Special Forces Lives Are At Risk and Our Troops Have Been Disarmed!!??

Libiots on this NPR post are trying to say the former SEALS and retired intelligence agents are lying??

However, Special OPSEC is a non-partisan group that came out against the leaks coming from this administration. This administration is putting lives at risk!!  

In addition, Obama's admin has endangered our troops by creating dangerous ROE: they're not allowing them to perform night attacks, he's using drones to kill,increasing civilian deaths, rather than targeted mission to obtain intelligence and the latest attacks by Afghan troops on our soldiers are also due to this admin disarming our troops. (08/20/2012)

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It's treason as far as I'm concerned!
 Must Read! “Obama’s 2nd-term Assault on U.S. Military” <he's already disarming them,and arming Afghan soldiers!
+Patty Garza Breath of fresh air seeing you post.
Now they blame Fox for "revealing" the name of the Seal (I doubt the book may be entirely credible, buying a copy for my Seal "friend" to see if its BS), but it would be OK if Wikileaks did it, hmm? I think I may be the first to publish this idea lol. Yay me!