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Yet the Establishment GOP and DEMS Don't Want An Investigation!?

Louay Safi, a Syrian-American Islamic leader who has been actively involved with groups close to the Obama White House.

Safi himself has been fairly influential in government circles. For several years, he was only one of two endorsing agents for the Pentagon’s Muslim military chaplain program as Director of Leadership Development for the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA).

He was also responsible for teaching about Islam to American troops deploying to Afghanistan and Iraq.

So it was particularly curious last year when Safi reappeared last August as the director of the political office of the newly-formed Syrian National Council (SNC). His profile appears on the SNC’s website, and pictures taken at the unveiling of the SNC in Istanbul shows Safi front and center of the leadership. 
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Mary M
What a bunch of crap, obama has put every muslim brotherhood buddy of his in very sensitive areas of our government. He is a traitor of the most vile kind!
See my latest post today +Mary M it confirms how Obama has placed enemies within our govt and how we can take action to make national changes...of course one being voting Obamao out!!