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To boost your business - here are 15 growth experts and guess who is on the list!?!

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People buy VALUE which is equal to RESULTS, OUTCOMEs NOT your job title nor a shopping list of features. Show them how they benefit from working with you in as few words as possible.

Selling is asking great probing questions and listening NOT talking!


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I've been calling myself the older female version of +Gary Vaynerchuk - he makes so much sense and says what I've been doing for 35+ years - HUSTLE and live for TODAY.

You only regret your age IF you're not living the life of your dreams or moving forward to make those dreams a reality. It is effing hard work! That is why it's called HARD WORK - it's hard to do.


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EVERY entrepreneur has to get comfortable in selling their product or service. Here's some great starting advice on how to get more comfortable.


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NEVER judge a book by it's cover!

I've heard a similar story from a restaurant owner/chef who wanted to buy a Cadillac with cash and got snottily refused any service because of his cooking uniform.

Important lessons here. Happy Holidays!

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My most popular piece of advice - DO NOT BORE PEOPLE! The biggest sin in any presentation.

Sell ONLY the benefits that are important to your prospect not the whole kitchen sink full of wonderful benefits that they don't care about!

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Retro Infographic brings back a mis-spent youth playing video games. Actually my first computer game was on a teletype terminal in 1971 just like Bill Gates.

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Being curious and caring is my secret sauce to selling millions of $$ worth of stuff around the world. Selling is listening NOT speaking. It's asking deep probing questions and actively listening to the answers that make you the person that your prospect wants to do business with.

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Make today amazing!

Having a daily ritual, I do not leave my bed before I meditate and set my intentions for the day. That's followed by a big of yoga while the coffee is brewing followed by a long walk along the lake as I review my day and what my challenges are for that day.

That is my thinking time and most creative time too. I come up with the best ideas for my clients to succeed.

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Money vs Value - what do you think of coaches who only brag about how much money that THEY make, not their clients?

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