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To boost your business - here are 15 growth experts and guess who is on the list!?!

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This workshop is where you will learn how to close more business – FAST and easier than you ever expected!

It is an intensive day to learn the basics of the business development process, where you can PRACTICE YOUR OWN pitch and get feedback on it!

Just like pro athletes, practice does make perfect. But practicing on potential clients is a CRIME! You need to practice in a safe environment where you can get instant feedback on how well you did and what you can do better.

Here are some of the key principles of learning at this unique workshop:

** Selling is NOT about speaking — it’s listening!
** Being curious and caring has helped me sell millions
** Selling is NEVER about manipulation or being pushy or ‘salesy’
** By selling your service to the right people, you are helping others
** You can sell from the heart and with integrity
** You can attain sustainable long-term business growth through improving your selling skills

**And last — but certainly not least — you’ll learn to sell more of your services FASTER, EASIER AND at higher prices.

You will be clear and confident in your value so you will find it easy to talk about what you do and the results and outcomes your clients get through working with you. And there will not be a hint of pushiness or manipulation to it but you’ll be talking straight from your heart.

To register -

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For some #entrepreneurs, a root canal or walking on coals is preferable to learning how to sell. BUT I have taken hundreds of entrepreneurs from Sales FEAR to Sales FUN - guaranteed!

If you're in the Toronto Area, there's there workshops on offer and a special offer for all attendees too.
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Since summer is sneaking up on us, this holiday themed The REAL Entrepreneur Show™ is timely.

ENTREPRENEURS! You only have this one precious life, don't waste it only on work. You are actually much more efficient by taking time OFF then by working through the year.

#Summer #TimeOff #Recharge #Refresh
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I take entrepreneurs from Sales FEAR to Sales FUN! Guaranteed! Here's a super enthusiastic testimonial from a recent workshop at the Company of Women.

I ask attendees to self-assess before and after the workshop. Marsha went from a 3 to a 10 in only one hour! AMAZING work +Marsha Lecour.

Thanks for making my day as I love when my knowledge and experience transfer over and I can help an entrepreneur do more of what they love. Because you got to sell it first before you can deliver. And once you know how easy it is to sell - it's JUST a conversation until you know if they need you or that you can help them out, so relax and be yourself.

Just ask better questions, listen actively and speak as little as you can.
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Given the #Oscars just happened, does award-winning blah blah impress you?

Here's why you should do your due diligence to make sure that the award was really an award vs. something someone paid for in order to brag without actually putting in the real work.

Sometimes there are entry fees to keep out the ineligible nominees and that's fair when it's a volunteer board. But to 'pay for play' and you 'win' just by submitted your entry fee - that's not a real award!

If there's no comprehensive objective judging going on, like at the Women of Influence award, then the 'award' is as valuable as the one in our video $1!
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Celebrate Valentine's Day week with kindness and caring to the most important people in your lives.

How to show appreciation to your clients and to yourself.

#entrepreneurs #client #appreciation #ValentinesDay
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How Not to Introduce Yourself! With networking being the best F2F way of meeting new B2B clients, don't do what I did in this video.

This is a short FUN video on how to introduce yourself with impact and appeal.

#entrepreneurs #startups #sales #marketing

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Entrepreneurs & Speakers! Want to learn how to grow a business AND have a life too? Learn from someone who does that.
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My friend Wol Deu shared this with me and I found it to be a powerful message with many lessons learned over the course of 20 years in business.

#4 & #9 are KEY to your continued success! Well actually, they all are - some more important at different times and phases of your business.

Getting a good business coach or mentor at the beginning is vital if you have no business background. That is the only shortcut that pays off BIG TIME!

#entrepreneurs #startups #lessonslearned #lessons #mentors #coaching
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