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Patsy Copus
I am a Health and Weight Loss Coach. Making people healthy is what I LIVE FOR
I am a Health and Weight Loss Coach. Making people healthy is what I LIVE FOR

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exciting things happening in the UK. The launch of and an expansion for a very well known Health and Wellness company. If your a personal trainer, coach, we need to talk

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Getting healthy is hard. But taking small steps every day is the way to go. I started back in 2010 and who knows where I would be now if I had not started then. Your never too old, but you can be too sick. Want to do this together? Isagenix Canada is the place to start. The Isagenix 30 day program was my small step. Keeping on it every day since has been the easy part

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WOW just saw this on Hollywood insider.  Kate Middleton - a digital predication of what the baby will look like

No man on his DEATH bed says "I wish I had made more money" They wish for more time.  Time to see their grandchildren be born and grow up.  Wealth without health..what is it worth to you #healthyeating #weightlosstips I turned my life around 2 years ago.  When will you?

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Oooh how I miss you Cherry Cheesecake :(
A Love Song For Cherry Cheesecake
 Inspired by the song - First Time Ever I Saw Your Face

The first time

Ever I saw your base

I thought the biscuits

Looked digestive-like

And the middle

And the fruit top

Were the gifts you gave

To my tongue

And my greedy eyes

yum yum

Emma Beales
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