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Yes! The REAL Alfa Romeo is back!
Watch the 2016 Alfa Romeo Giulia Debut in Milan

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I agree :)

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Hello everyone!
I wanted to share with you my story, maybe it will help somebody to prevent removal of your app by Google, without any notice, from Google Play.
Google has decided to remove my app, Worldscope Webcams, from Google play store in the moment the application had 4.4 rating based on more than 11,000 user reviews and just a bit before the application reached one million downloads and after being available on Google play for four years.
The official reason was a violation of a developer distribution agreement - we have offered to our users a possibility to remove ads by buying a registration code via PayPal. Buying Ad-free version via Google play store was not possible, because our country is not on the list of supported locations for merchants which are allowed to sell paid applications on Google store.
What was most confusing to me is that a similar buying process (purchasing the registration code outside of Google play) uses one very popular app on Google Play. That app is marked as "editor's choice" and "top developer".
The Google's answer to my appeal was: "Thank you for your note.
We have reviewed your appeal and will not be reinstating your app. This decision is final and we will not be responding to any additional emails regarding this removal."
Nice, isn't it?

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Android apps written in Go is now possible without using multiple processes and RPC.

Go only output executables, which is enough to run programs on Android, but not enough to be invoked directly from Android apps.
Building on my generic shared library work[1], I managed to work around the Android limitations and convince Go to output shared libraries suitable for System.loadLibrary().
Clone goandroid[2] and follow the instructions to obtain a set of Android-compatible go tools and runtime. Goandroid also includes a small sample to show off OpenGL and touch input from Go.


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This. Is. Hilarious.

Some of the jokes are too inside the beltway. But even if you know nothing about the VC game, you are still going to smile.

If you've had the privilege of pitching to VCs, you are going to die laughing.

#gotesla   #creativity  

Nikola Tesla Pitching Silicon Valley VCs

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LOL. Google Now has some trouble with my habits.

It gave me a card this morning saying "1:35 to Work" in normal traffic. Which is kind of odd, since I work upstairs above the garage, and usually in my ratty bathrobe. Definitely not an hour and a half away, and the "traffic" mostly involves the cat wanting to be fed.

So I looked at the card just to see what the @%$! Google was talking about.

This is what the big G has decided is my work commute destination:

  45.33011245727539, -121.70976257324219(work)

(I also like how it gives my office location with 14 decimals of precision, which is approximating it to the nearest nanometer or so).

Apparently the fact that I've gone skiing on Mondays while the kids are in school and at other times don't move out of my office much seems to have convinced Google that I should exercise more. 

I can't fault the logic.
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