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Don't forget the EARTH HOUR!
in 3,5 hours!
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we already have 'earth hour' 6 times a day!! (power shortage in Iraq)
sure we ready to celebrate EARTH HOUR
I didn't know there was an earth hour? That is great......
Gale S
had ours last night here in NZ.
I'm gonna turn every electrical appliance I own on this is stupid! Do humans actually believe they can save something that doesn't want or need their help!
I was gonna ask you +Solo White where you're from and why you think that Earth Hour is a bad idea, but your profile picture says it all.
my profile picture is a military flash but you liberals hate the military and those whom served so go back home and suck your thumb while real MEN and WOMEN protect you
oh yur from sweden a socialist nation now run along and do what your neutral nazi coddling leaders tell you!! love your gun laws tho!
Apparently you're not familiar with March Madness....Ok, so I'll watch the game in the dark but I'm not switching off the TV~~~
Heh... I have my computer and its 2 monitors running 24/7 and no one has died because of it. I'm not shutting down my machine for the hippies.
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