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Patrik Gustafsson (Paven)
#Programming #Java #IT #Education #Politics #Life #Parenting #Kopimist #Swedish #English
#Programming #Java #IT #Education #Politics #Life #Parenting #Kopimist #Swedish #English


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What is the best presentation software?
* versioned in git!
* exported to pdf or other standard format!
* is floss!

So far the best i found is but the export fails with formating more often than not.

What do you use? Anything that can be recomended?

Why does browsers/webapps remember post i started to write... i do not want to rewrite them just becouse reason closes that window!

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Trying to install Manjaro on existing computer in lvm/luks manages. I gues i missed to copy some files... wonder where i find them.

This is the closest i have come I come in a few years to what i want from my home screen. :)

I got a bug though with FAST losing it "usage" data for sort.

Google har haft en fullt fungerande musik tab i youtube på android (och webben vad jag minns) där man kunnat lyssna på musik. Nu gör de en sattsning... tar bort tabben... och lägger motsvarande funktion i en app som bara får användas av amerikaner... ffs. 

Tur jag inte ofta är sugen på att lyssna på musik. synd jag var det idag... (ja jag vet att jag kan komma åt musik vidior fortfarande.. men jag vill inte bli av med funktionalitet för att amerikanerna ska få mer)

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BrewingAgile var riktigt kul
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En dist medbtiling window manager....
Manjaro-i3 is ready for download!
Systemd / OpenRC, 32bit / 64bit as always :)

I suggested to google to implement collections(samlingar) when it was a new site. Now they have... but it is to late and to limited.

1. I hardly use this site anymore.
2. I can't share to 2 or more overlapping collections... 
3. I can't combine with sending it as a public post.

what do you think?

How do i remove sync devices so i can log in from my new phone.

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