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Patrick Warren
I'm a regular dude with a lot of extraordinary experiences.
I'm a regular dude with a lot of extraordinary experiences.
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Just donated to 'Prevent Slavery'. Give $1. Change a lot.

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this never gets old
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Block all this negativity

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Just donated to 'English workshops to boost employability'. Give $1. Change a lot.

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How the fuck do I get over the blues and find new purpose in my life....?

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Cool stuff in here. 

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#Scorpio Free Weekly/Daily Emotional/Situational Predictions – March 7th 2016 to March 13th 2016

Message from Archangel Michael: Positive thoughts create positive results   

Monday 3.7.2016
Emotional manipulation, moodiness, volatility (could be you or you’re dealing with someone who may be acting in that way)

Tuesday 3.8.2016
Harmony, marriage, happiness, alignment, fulfilling relationship, the beginning of a wonderful family and love life, when something old ends, something new is in store

Wednesday 3.9.2016 Eclipse in Pisces
Perfectionism, lacking ambition or focus, distracted, allowing things to get in the way of change, working hard but not leading to desired success, frustration and disappointment

Thursday 3.10.2016
Raw power, victory, break-throughs, mental clarity, New Beginning, Truth, Communication

Friday 3.11.2016
Enthusiasm, exploration, discovery, free spirit, child like energy

Saturday 3.12.2016
Stuck in the past, naivety, unrealistic, unable to let go, You may have moved on from your relationship and now find that it is not what you want. You may decide to leave this safe relationship in search of something more exciting, releasing yourself from being obligated to take care of someone else, Pack your bags and prepare to leave but remember to close the door and gate behind you

Sunday 3.13.2016
Celebration, harmony, marriage, home, community, possible Long Term relationship, Happiness and Stability, Love

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