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There are a lot more people here than I expected! Which is cool.

Mostly looking forward to my "kaffeeklatsch" with Dr. Shini Somara, host of Crash Course Physics.

Thanks to +Jezzibell Gilmore who let me out of the ballet to meet the good doctor. :-)

Home from #LINX 96. Did not go exactly as planned, but the members have spoken.

Can't wait to see +William Gilmore & Eve. +Jezzibell Gilmore is in SEA, so still missing her!

Short stop on way home after #LINX 96. +William Gilmore better be happy to see me! :-) Still missing +Jezzibell Gilmore. :(

Going home after a not-perfectly-successful #LINX meeting. Can't wait to see +William Gilmore, but +Jezzibell Gilmore is not in MA! So I'll have to wait a bit more to see her.

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Tigger @ day 2 of #LINX 96. Looks a little more awake this morning. :-)

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Tigger opening #LINX 96. Let's hope his calm & collegial attitude will help everyone today.

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Tigger at a contentious #LINX board meeting. But he's calm and clear, making things easier. 

Arrive for #LINX 96. Called +Jezzibell Gilmore & +William Gilmore who are already on the road to go skiing!

Longest line I've ever seen for ePassport gates, but it's moving fast. 

Short stop on way to #LINX meeting. Missing +Jezzibell Gilmore, +William Gilmore, & Eve!

Off to #LINX meeting. Will miss +Jezzibell Gilmore, +William Gilmore, & Eve.

Meeting might be a bit contentious, but at least it won't be boring!!
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